I light fires under creative women to create bold brands and businesses that they love (and that love them back).

Listen, I know what you’re thinking: That this is another about page from another one of those dime-a-dozen coaches/strategists/internet-guru-types out there (it’s not).

You’re probably expecting me to tell you that I know the secrets to success, how I’ll teach you how to get paid to exist, and have you well on your way to a location-independent-permanent-vacation-6-figure business in a matter of weeks.

Sorry. None of that’s going to happen here.

Because sugar-coating things for the sake of my own success? Not how I roll. And because telling the truth is my jam.

And here’s the truth, tangles and all:

Having a successful business? Takes time.

Bravely stepping into the life you really want for yourself? Is uncomfortable.

Taking bold risks towards that business you’ve only up-until-now imagined for yourself? Is hard as hell.


My superpower is to rattle the cage of your self-imposed comfort zone:

By asking the tough, sticky questions that you don't want to hear, let alone answer.
By calling you on your shit — so, lo & behold, you actually wake up.
By letting the appropriate answer be NO, even when everyone around you wants to hear YES.

(See how this works? It’s my job to make you as uncomfortable as possible for the sake of the life that is waiting for you!)

As a Brand Strategist for the highly-creative woman:

I take that hot mess of ideas rattling around in your head and distill it all down to the core of your brand - your What, your Why, and your How.

And that, Sweets, is when the magic starts. 

Here's what I know about you:

+ You are capable of so much more than you know. 
+ You have figured out so many things in your life already. You'll figure this out too. 
+ You recognize that playing it safe is over-rated. And you're tired of waiting for it to be your turn.  
+ You’re capital-D Done watching everyone else chase their dreams and are ready to get yourself in the race.

Guess what, Sweets? Your turn can be now. If you let it. 

It’s not about kicking fear in the face. It’s about taking a deep breath, saying so what, and getting going - even if your hand shakes or your breath catches as you take that very first step towards what you want for yourself.

And even more truth? Dreams do come true. But only when you demand it. (Ready? Let's go.)



(cause these are legit peeps who are up to legit stuff)

I began working with Tiffany right around the time my art business was beginning to take off. I was overwhelmed with choices and had no idea how to manage them. Tiffany reined me in immediately and helped me create parameters around my work (and my life as a whole) so that I could make decisions that supported manageable, smart and sustainable growth. 
The guidelines & mantras I developed with Tiffany six years ago still guide my thriving business today. 
- Lisa Congdon
I was struggling to figure out how to structure a new service, until Tiffany and I scheduled a call. Tiffany asked me the kinds of questions that helped me get clarity on exactly what I wanted to offer my clients and all the different ways I could structure my services (surprise - there were multiple ways, and I could choose the ones that felt the best to me!).
I ended my call with Tiffany with a clear action plan, which I put into place – and almost immediately sold my first session!
- Jen Hewett
When I started working with Tiffany, I was an unsatisfied advertising creative with an Etsy shop on the side. I knew I wanted to work for myself and make art, but I wasn't sure how any of that would happen or what it could look like. Tiffany helped me quickly and effectively get at the heart of what I wanted and why, and introduced me to the groundbreaking idea that work could feel fun and easy -- and still count as work. 
I couldn't have had a better foundation to what ultimately became my brand and company.
- Emily McDowell


As the founder and Creative Director of Say Yes Creative LLC, Tiffany Han, CPCC has been helping creative women take action towards their dreams since 2011.

With a degree in Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a CPCC certification from the Coaches Training Institute combined with over a decade of experience in non-profit fundraising, marketing, and sales, Tiffany brings an abundant array of academic, professional and personal experiences to her work with highly-creative entrepreneurs.

In addition to her work in the coaching, branding, and podcasting worlds, Tiffany is an accomplished (and hilarious) speaker—available for conferences and events to educate,  entertain, and embolden the shit out of people.

Tiffany lives with her husband, Tim, and their twin daughters in the San Francisco Bay Area, and she is deeply, profoundly glad that this abysmally dull bio is now officially OVER. I mean, seriously.



I’m like Don Draper for your creative business - smart, takes-no-shit, and TOTES legit.