what’s your creative archetype?

In mythology, archetypes are used to describe models of human behavior and patterns of characters. They serve as heroes, foils, and sidekicks, and, while we might personally identify with a primary descriptor, we can often relate to many different ones.

Archetypes also serve as mirrors to the human experience, and indicate the sides of ourselves we may not easily see—as well as the ones that tend to hold us back.

When I created these archetypes, I did so by using my eight years of creative coaching and mentoring to identify the most common creative personality types and patterns I’d witnessed women falling into—the ones that define us and how we show up in the world and often, without our even realizing it, also hold us back from moving forward on our goals.

Take the quiz below to get your score of which archetype most embodies the way you show up to your creative work. Revisit this quiz periodically as your tendencies may shift as you gain clarity and experience.


What's Your Creative Archetype?