The crowd pleasers

You are a star at getting things done—especially when those things are dictated and decided by other people. When it comes to moving your own ideas forward, the ones that are the most popular take precedence over ones that might be scary or have unknown outcomes. You want to embrace innovation and creative risk, but prefer taking steps that come along with blessings.

You're accustomed to doing things that other people laud you for and know what's required to get applause and approval. You also know that, to step into your creative edge, you need to take a stand for what you believe in - even though not everyone will love it. And this both thrills and terrifies you.

How You Deal with Fear:

When you're afraid or overwhelmed, you dive right back into the arms of those things that are safe and certain. You take care of other people, start another research project, or ask for more responsibility at work. You're plagued by indecision and perfectionism and can spend weeks, months, or years weighing choices, putting the finishing touches on your work, and getting things finished.

How You Deal with Success:

When good things happen, it can be hard for you to recognize the role of your intuition and creativity in the success. It's also hard for you to trust that you can replicate these successes down the road on your own, without the foundation of research, the good grades, or the corporate structure. Give yourself credit and know that every success points to what you—as an individual—are capable of.

Muscles to Develop:

Faith and Connection


The Student

Being in class is your happy place and you love learning (and being able to raise your hand with the right answer!). A consummate scholar, you're likely to be found diving headfirst into the research phase of a new project and often think that you're nearly almost ready to start—after you figure out just one more thing.


  • You are incredibly thorough and complete in your research methods.

  • You always go the extra mile to get something right.

  • There is no problem too challenging for you to solve.

  • Making a master plan is your jam.

  • You're accountable and are good to your word.


  • You often fail to act in favor of the learning.

  • You hate not being great at something right away.

  • You're after an A++, and anything less feels like failure.

  • You feel like you'll never know enough to get moving.

  • External approval can drive you to overcommitment.

What I want you to know:

There is no report card, and the only permanent record you need to focus on is the one that you're creating with your life. You're allowed to do things you love regardless of whether they look good on paper or are going to result in some sort of measurable success. Let your curiosity drive you, and remember that the things that are your most valuable contributions may not feel like work at all.

Guiding Principles:

  • Trust that the information you need most will show up at the exact right time.

  • It is not your job to plan for every possible contingency.

  • What do you call someone who nearly fails med school? A doctor.

  • There is no perfect. Done is the only way forward.

  • Things that come easily to you have tremendous value.


You can never know everything that there is to know. Commit to figuring things out as you go, and remember that the information available to you isn't going anywhere. Google will always be there to save your day!

It's critical for you to make sure you're living your life according to your own standards of success and are focusing on your strengths rather than your deficiencies. That perceived report card isn't coming. It's okay to relax.

Your Mantra:

The only grade that matters is the one I give myself.

the good girl.png

The Good Girl

You're everyone's favorite, and for good reason: you know exactly what it takes to make the people around you happy...often to the detriment of your own self. In your life, you can easily pinpoint what everyone else *wants* you to do, say, and be. The harder part is knowing what desires are true to you.


  • You get your work done, and deliver a high-quality result.

  • The people in your life know they can count on you. Always.

  • You're empathetic and take great care with others' feelings.

  • Your big heart shines through everything you do.

  • Everything you make is an act of service to the world.


  • You tend to live your life on the brink of burnout.

  • Everyone else takes precedence over you and your needs.

  • It's hard to differentiate what others want from what you want.

  • You can only see worth in things that have a direct result on others.

  • Your voice often gets buried.

What I want you to know:

You have big work to do in this world, and it's never going to get done if you don't make yourself a priority. Making those ideas of yours happen requires energy, so if you're barely getting by, you're never going to be able to create that momentum you're craving. You can have boundaries and still be a kind person. You can execute your ideas and still love your family. In fact, what the world needs the most is you operating at your best. Give yourself the space to let that happen.

Guiding Principles:

  • Your ideas matter and deserve your full attention.

  • Anyone who doesn't respect your boundaries isn't looking out for your best interest.

  • It's okay for you to take up space and be seen in your life.

  • You're allowed to—and encouraged to!—disagree with popular sentiment.

  • Your value and worth is not determined by how much you give.


The thought of letting someone down causes you major anxiety, but ignoring your own needs in favor of everyone else’s isn’t sustainable. You can't draw water from an empty well, and you won't be able to live in a state of complete exhaustion forever.

The shift towards focusing on yourself first is going to be uncomfortable, but remember that you're going to be so much more useful to the world when you have energy and enthusiasm.

Your Mantra:

My job is to be my true self. I cannot “do” my way to worth.

cubicle dreamer.png

The Cubicle Dreamer

You think there might be a masterpiece in you, but you're also really good at your day job. A day job that looks great on paper, pays your bills, and gives you the security of a steady gig. You get the promotions and the accolades...and every single day, walking away from it all into the unknown gets harder.


  • You're great at fitting your creative priorities into leftover time.

  • You're responsible and rise to the occasion of any challenge.

  • You're reliable, and people know they can count on you.

  • You have a resume that is chock-full of impressive experience.

  • You're consistently surprising people with what you're capable of.


  • You wait for permission from other people to show up.

  • You put off planting creative seeds in favor of better timing.

  • You're all or nothing, so no creative progress gets made on your personal projects.

  • You put everyone else first. All the time.

  • A fear of failure impedes you from trying new things.

What I want you to know:

You don't have to take a blind leap of faith into unemployment to move your ideas forward; the path of creative execution is not all or nothing. You're allowed to take creative risks in a way that works for you, and you're allowed to work on more than one thing at a time.

You're also allowed to imagine a life for yourself beyond the walls of your cubicle, your co-workers, and your resume.

Guiding Principles:

  • An endeavor doesn’t have to replace your full time income to be worth it.

  • Your creative desires are there for a reason; listen.

  • Career success will translate to creative success.

  • Everything takes time—the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll get there.

  • Baby steps add up to big progress over time. Start taking them.


Will you be able to replace your full-time income with a side hustle right away? Probably not. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't get moving. Success won't happen overnight. Give your ideas (and your endeavors!) time to develop, and trust that you don't have to toss your entire career overboard in order to step out on your own!

Be proactive about carving out time and space for your ideas to simmer and grow.

Your Mantra:

My ideas deserve my attention.