PRIMARY TENDENCY 02: The crowd pleasers

You are a star at getting things done—especially when those things are dictated and decided by other people. When it comes to moving your own ideas forward, the ones that are the most popular take precedence over ones that might be scary or have unknown outcomes. You want to embrace innovation and creative risk, but prefer taking steps that come along with blessings.

You're accustomed to doing things that other people laud you for and know what's required to get applause and approval. You also know that, to step into your creative edge, you need to take a stand for what you believe in - even though not everyone will love it. And this both thrills and terrifies you.

How You Deal with Fear:

When you're afraid or overwhelmed, you dive right back into the arms of those things that are safe and certain. You take care of other people, start another research project, or ask for more responsibility at work. You're plagued by indecision and perfectionism and can spend weeks, months, or years weighing choices, putting the finishing touches on your work, and getting things finished.

How You Deal with Success:

When good things happen, it can be hard for you to recognize the role of your intuition and creativity in the success. It's also hard for you to trust that you can replicate these successes down the road on your own, without the foundation of research, the good grades, or the corporate structure. Give yourself credit and know that every success points to what you—as an individual—are capable of.

Muscles to Develop:

Faith and Connection