PRIMARY TENDENCY 03: The cub scouts

You are going to make big things happen—just as soon as you're completely 100% super ready and prepared to move forward. Your comfort zone involves following formulas, getting aaaalllll the feedback and waiting for the right time. If waiting was an Olympic sport, you'd have gold medals lining your mantle.

Beyond your infinite patience and need for safety, you're also sitting on a wealth of ideas and a desire to put your work out into the world. By learning to trust yourself, you'll be able to move your ideas forward while also remembering that failure isn't permanent and that you can do - and survive - hard things.

How You Deal with Fear:

It's easy for you to put everyone else's opinions and experiences above your own, and when you're afraid, you find yourself needing more information, getting more feedback, and waiting even longer. You want the certainty of safety and, while risk-taking feels good for everyone else, it's hard for you to raise your hand and say yes to it. You also read so-called failures as signs of a personal deficiency.

How You Deal with Success:

It's hard for you to count on success, especially when it's based on someone else's formula. Every time a success comes following what someone else tells you to do, you wonder if you can replicate it. Remember that your creativity is the secret ingredient to everything you do, and that the you-ness you bring to your work cannot be duplicated by anyone else. You are capable of wonderful and beautiful things. Trust yourself.

Muscles to Develop:

Intuition and Resilience