Ep. 124: Nikki Cade on Starting

Nikki Cade is a mixed-media artist and the founder of the Creative Brunch Series. I'm such a fan of her work and was so excited to get a chance to interview her this week.

Nikki is fairly new to the professional artist world, and it was great to get her perspective on how to grow a business and a following in this current digital age. She also busted some of every creative's favorite excuses, including not having enough time, not having enough space, not being able to find your voice, and not having a big enough following - showing that building your creative business takes dedication, grit, and generosity. 

There's so much to learn from Nikki - I think you'll love our conversation! 

Thanks, Nikki, that was the best! 


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Ep. 123: Casey Sibley on Goals

122 Casey Sibley.png

I was thrilled to talk with artist and product designer Casey Sibley for this week's episode! Casey is one of my favorite social media truth tellers and we got down and dirty about goal-setting, upleveling, and what it really takes to be creatively successful in this episode. 

We also talked about Casey's year of massive growth (including a successful Kickstarter campaign and trade show appearance), the sacrifices that came along with the growth, and the behind-the-scenes that social media doesn't always show.

If you're ready to set some big goals for yourself this year, this episode is for you! 

Casey, thank you so much for sharing your truths with us! You're the best! 


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Ep. 122: Erin Loechner on Letting Go

123 Erin Loechner.png

Ah! I am so excited to be welcoming Erin Loechner of designformankind.com back onto the podcast. Erin is one of my favorite writers and I was thrilled to talk with her about her new book Chasing Slow: Courage to Journey off the Beaten Path. (Spoiler alert: this book is amazing and an immediate new favorite of mine!)

In this episode we talk about letting go of the quest for balance, how Erin learned to find her own path instead of doing what was expected of her, the art of getting vulnerable, and how to separate your worth from your accomplishments (!!). 

If you have ever struggled with finding a happy medium between all those things you think you *should* do and what you really want to do, this episode is for you! Enjoy, enjoy! 

Erin, thank you times a million. Talking with you is one of my favorite things to do.


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Ep. 121: Figuring out what's next

The last solo episode of the month (and year!) is all about what I've learned over the past 2 years (and 120 episodes!) and the questions I ask myself whenever I want to evaluate and move forward. I also share my word for 2017 and challenge you to do the same! Let's all get ready to make some magic happen! 


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Ep. 120: Amira Rahim on Reinvention

120 Amira Rahim.png

Abstract artist Amira Rahim is on a mission to make the world a more colorful place. Her work is amazing, and her story is even more amazing. She started claiming her title as professional artist in her mid-20's and, in this episode, we talk about how she reinvented herself as an artist and the stories she had to rewrite in order to do so. 

We also talk about how she embraced the bad paintings she knew she'd have to make as she worked on finding her voice, how her artistic voice is evolving even still, and how she balances creating art with the business of selling art. 

There is something for everyone in this episode, whether you're ready for a reinvention or are trying to figure out how to juggle all the things as you define success for yourself! 


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Ep. 119: Caroline Winegeart on Adaptation

Artist and entrepreneur Caroline Kelso Winegeart is back nearly two years later for another awesome conversation! 

In this episode, we talk about how her business has evolved over the past two years and what she had to do to allow the evolution to happen. We talk about learning, adaptation, experimentation, and how to keep your eye on your business prize (ahem, money) while also following your intuition and letting go of what isn't working. 



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Ep. 118: Danielle Krysa on Overcoming Resistance

Ah! I loved having Danielle Krysa, aka The Jealous Curator back on the podcast this week to talk about how our inner critics can get in the way of our creative work and what we can do about them! 

We also talk about how you can learn to appreciate your inner critic (say what?!), what to do about perfectionism, and how - as a creative - you're always learning. 

If your inner critic has ever stopped you from doing the things you *really* wanna do, this episode is for you! 


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Ep. 117: On Anger

This week's solo episode is all about anger - how to deal with it, what it might mean, and what you can do about it. I also talk about resentment , boundaries, and empowerment. Anger isn't a fun thing to talk about, but it's an emotion we all feel, so let's not hide from it, eh? 

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Ep. 116: Tiffanie Turner on Resilience

Tiffanie Turner is an architect-turned-artist who's currently focusing on large-scale paper flowers. Her work is amazing and her journey has been long and, sometimes, arduous.

In this week's episode, Tiffanie and I talk about how she's gotten to where she is now in her career, the myths about having a "big break," how she's developed resilience, and her secrets for making things happen.

Our conversation goes beyond what you're used to hearing about self-care, balancing family and creative work, and what it takes to be successful. I think you'll love it!


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Ep. 115: Ann Shen on Security Pt. 2

This week's episode is a continuation of last week's conversation with Ann Shen.

Ann Shen is an illustrator and writer and the creative genius behind the new book Bad Girls Throughout History. In this episode, we pick up where we left off - talking about what it was like to finally have her book live out in the world after working on it for so long. 

We also talk about the ebbs and flows of the creative process, and Ann blows my mind with a new way of thinking about entrepreneurship, security, and day-jobs. If you work for yourself or are curious about being an entrepreneur, this episode is for you!

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Ann's Book - Bad Girls Throughout History