Ep. 132: Zai Divecha on Being a Badass

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I was so excited to talk with designer, metalworker, and entrepreneur Zai Divecha for this week's episode! You'll hear the story of how Zai went from Yale grad (undergrad and grad) to a career in tech to where she is now, specializing in TIG welding and producing gorgeous fine art wall hangings. 

You'll also hear us talk about the steps Zai took as she was deciding to leave tech and become a full-time artist, and what helped her in her first year of the transition. Finally, you'll get the scoop on what kinds of support networks carry her through and some of the digital ways she keeps her fine art business organized! 

If you've considered walking away from a looks good on paper career or degree to raise your hand and say yes to something creative, this episode is for you! Oh, and if you're looking for a dose of empowerment, you'll get that too! You guys - welding is so badass! 

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My RYHSY Life: On Giving up Drinking

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I'm excited to unveil a new feature called My RYHSY Life. In these monthly-ish episodes, I'll be going behind the scenes of my own life and business to tell the in-real-time story of what I'm currently raising my hand and saying yes to. 

I'm kicking the series off with the story of how and why I decided to give up drinking a couple of months ago, in what is becoming a permanent change in my life. I'll be sharing what led me to make the decision to dive into the dry life, what I kept telling myself about why I couldn't do so sooner, and what I've learned about myself, my relationship with alcohol, and my life since.

You'll also learn about the conversation I was afraid to have with my husband after I quit and the times I've been triggered to drink since. And not sure how my giving up drinking pertains to you and your creative quests? I'll fill you in on that too! 

Show Notes:

It's Business Time (applications are open through 3/15)

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Vintage RYHSY: Lacy Young on Health

Lacy Young's Shift Retreats

Andrea Owen's Your Kick-Ass Life podcast recovery series

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Ep. 131: Dr. Vickie on Spiritual Health

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This week, I'm talking with physician-turned-spiritual-medicine-woman Vickie Lampkin about spiritual health, self-love and the question we all want answered: is it possible to be sane, healthy, and successful at the same time? 

I am such a fan of Vickie and her work and I loved her take on self-care (you may be surprised!) and what she sees as the biggest roadblocks we creatives face as we try to make creative magic happen. 

If you're looking to make a change in your life or are in the middle of one, this episode is for you! Likewise, if you're tired, burnt-out, or overrun by your ambition, you'll learn so much from this conversation. 

Bonus: Dr. Vickie is also one of our It's Business Time alums. We couldn't be prouder of what she created in our 6 months together! (Applications for the 2017 round are open through 3/15!)

Ep. 130: Five Myths of Entrepreneurship

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This week, I'm solo on the podcast and am tackling some of the common myths of entrepreneurship and the truths that not everyone is telling. 

Myths like: 
Get paid to exist! 
Live your passion! 
Learn the secrets to 6 figures in 6 weeks! 

Listen in to find out what I *really* think! (Cuz you know I have all the thoughts!)

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Ep. 129: Erin Cassidy & Michelle Ward on Collaboration

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This week, I'm talking with Michelle Ward and Erin Cassidy about collaborations - the good, the bad, and everything you need to know before you jump into one!

We talk about what we've learned about collaborations in our 21+ years of combined business experience and how our most successful collaborative projects got started. If you're interested in finding a collaborator or already have someone in mind you'd like to partner with, this episode is a must listen! 

Bonus: we dole out a ton of relationship advice too! 

Show Notes: 

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Ep. 128: Maya Henry on Health

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This week, I got to talk with health coach Maya Henry about choices and mindsets and priorities. The conversation that I thought would be about practical and proactive tips on how we can break overwhelm and get healthy quickly became a conversation about how wellness and creativity are intrinsically linked - and how focusing on you health will actually make you more creatively alive. 

I love Maya's no-BS and down-to-earth take on getting healthy (yes! you can still eat ice cream! no! you don't have to love kale!) and think this conversation is one that anyone who feels overwhelmed by life but is still seeking a change would benefit from. 

We cover goal setting, intention setting, mindset shifts, and what happens when you *don't* make yourself a priority. You'll also hear over and over again how healthy and creativity are inter-related as well as my aha moment when Maya nails the perfect Raise Your Hand Say Yes venn diagram! 

Bonus: Maya is offering all RYHSY listeners her free Happiness Meal Plan guide - it's so good, y'all. Grab your copy here!

PS. Maya is an alum of our It's Business Time program. If you're ready to turn your business dreams into a reality, sign up here for priority application and be sure to RSVP for our March 2 free webinar The 10 Do's & Don'ts of Starting a Business.

Maya, thank you so much! That was the best! 

Ep. 127: Marta Spendowska on Making Change Happen

Marta Spendowska is a Polish-born, US-based watercolor artist and professional illustrator (guys, her work is AMAZING!), and I was thrilled to get to talk with her for this week's podcast episode.

The theme of our conversation was change - how you recognize what you want, how you go about making things happen in your life, and what you need to be willing to let go of to move forward. 

You'll get to hear me have lightbulb moments of my own that have stuck with me since the taping! If you're working towards creative goals (or are ready to make some magic happen but aren't sure how to get started!), this episode is for you! 

Marta, thank you so much!! 


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Ep. 126: 12 Guiding Principles for 2017

In this week's solo episode, I'm sharing my 12 guiding principles for 2017 and my new favorite game-changer book recommendation for any of us who want to shift the way we view success and our relationship with money.

These guiding principles stem from the work I'm doing in my own life as I work towards more flow and I think they could be just want you need to find your own! Enjoy!! xxoo


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Ep. 125: Patrick Hinds on Taking Risks

I am a huge fan of Patrick Hinds' work (check out his Theater People and Broadway Backstory podcasts stat!) and loved getting to hear his backstory about how he started the thing that has become his career. 

In this episode, we talk about starting before you're ready, how to build relationships with your heroes, and what happens when you dig in and just keep going. (Hint: great things, that's what!)

If you're sitting on a creative endeavor and are waiting for the right time to start, this one's for you! Enjoy, enjoy! 


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Ep. 124: Nikki Cade on Starting

Nikki Cade is a mixed-media artist and the founder of the Creative Brunch Series. I'm such a fan of her work and was so excited to get a chance to interview her this week.

Nikki is fairly new to the professional artist world, and it was great to get her perspective on how to grow a business and a following in this current digital age. She also busted some of every creative's favorite excuses, including not having enough time, not having enough space, not being able to find your voice, and not having a big enough following - showing that building your creative business takes dedication, grit, and generosity. 

There's so much to learn from Nikki - I think you'll love our conversation! 

Thanks, Nikki, that was the best! 


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