100 rejection letters - an update & a vow of imperfection

I've been so encouraged by everyone's response to my plan to collect 100 rejection letters in 2012!

People are intrigued by this project…I’m guessing that 1 of 2 things is happening:

1. People like watching someone else experience rejection


2. You’re also craving some action in your life/business/passion/art and are ready to make some things happen. You’re also ready to stop letting fear stand in your way.

Who’s with me on #2? (That's what I thought!)

So here I am, 2 weeks in, and I've only been rejected once. It wasn't even an outright rejection; it was more a lack of response. *sigh* This is going to be a challenge, and y'all know I LOVE a challenge!

Last week, I raised my hand for 3 things: a contest for free business coaching from Laura Simms, a call for contributors on designlovefest, and an essay contest on Stratejoy.

I never heard back from Bri about the contributor call out (sweet! My first rejection of the year!) and can't say I was surprised since her blog is almost entirely design-focused. The key is that I did it anyway!

But...I am thrilled to say that I won (YAY!) 2 free Cultivate business coaching sessions from Laura Simms at Create as Folk. Wanna see the video I submitted?

Create as Folk winning contest entry *wink* from tiffany moore on Vimeo.

Did you notice that the lighting wasn't great and the sound was all wonky? Did you notice that I won anyway? Yay for imperfection being okay! (Full disclosure: The deadline was Tuesday, but I thought it was Friday. I found out it was Tuesday on Tuesday morning, so I had to do what I could to get the video done.)

It's the energy, it's all about the energy!

I haven't heard back from Molly about the Stratejoy essay, but I'm definitely expecting to be in the top 20, so I'll keep y'all posted!

So far, I'm at 1 in the rejection category. I'm going to need to hustle to get to 100 rejection letters before the end of the year!

My learnings so far:

  • Go for it even if you have doubts. Responding to Bri's call for contributors gave me some great ideas even though I knew it was a longshot. Just because I didn't get picked doesn't mean those ideas have to be tossed.
  • Pay attention to every opportunity. When you see something that catches your eye, pay attention and follow the flow. You never know if it could be your big break.
  • chutzpah counts! I found out about Laura's contest on twitter and replied immediately letting her know I was going to win. At that point, I had no plan, but I know that enthusiasm counts. A lot.
  • Action overrules perfection. Every single time.
  • It's much easier to respond to a solicitation than it is to put yourself out there unsolicited. This is going to be something I'll have to work on more as I get into this project.