13 before 2013

Things I'd like to do before 2013:

1. Write and post at least 13 blog posts.

2. Launch my first group coaching experience (coming later this week...omg!) (UPDATE: It's launched and registration is open!)

3. Learn something new - I keep coming back to this online class, and just registered for a workshop here.

4. Have at least one day where I have nothing (NOTHING!) planned.

5. Go somewhere overnight with Tim. I'm ready for a 24-hour reconnection break.

6. Start a daily offering - either a phone line or affirmation or pep talk. I'm still working out the details, but this sounds super fun to me.

7. Watch the final Twilight movie - I can't wait to see Bella as a vampire!

8. Buy a pair of cowboy boots. I've been wanting a pair of these for so long. It's time.

9. Get 13 rejection letters - I'm going to have to extend my bid for 100 into 2013, but I think that I should be able to get at least 13 more by year's end.

10. Sign up for a French class. If we're going to move there, speaking the language would likely help...bonjour France!

11. Start a daily writing practice. My time is limited these days, but writing is one of the things that brings me the most joy, and I need to give myself time and space to do it every single day.

12. Use every single wedding gift we got at least once!

13. Create a personal blog. I have a couple of ideas on this, but I'd like to get something up and running to launch January 1.

Eek! It's all exciting, and overwhelming all at the same time. I better get to work!

How about you? Anything you're excited to tackle before year's end? I dare you to share your list in the comments!

PS. Thanks to Jo at August Empress for inspiring this list!