2009 = best year ever.

Hello friends and happy new year!

I hope that you all had a joyous time ringing in 2009. I have a feeling about this year. I know it's gonna be a good one! In fact, I'm willing to say that it's going to be the best year ever.

I'll write soon about my resolutions, but first, some things about my trip to Cozumel. I celebrated New Year's there with my family and returned happy and (mostly) healthy.


Here are a few things I learned from my travels in paradise:

  • When flying, always bring your cell phone charger in your carry-on luggage. Just in case

  • In fact, you should also always bring a change of clothes (or at least underwear) and a toothbrush in your carry-on too. Again, just in case.

  • When faced with a difficult travel situation, patience and understanding are the best solutions. Oh, and being able to access the internet to look up alternative flights.

  • At the end of a long, unplanned travel day, a glass (or two) of good red wine can make everything seem better.

  • Do not try scuba diving if you have any type of lingering sinus issues. Even if it's just a cough. Even if the guys at the dive place tell you you'll be fine.

  • Speaking of a cough, Mexican pharmacies sell really good cough syrup.

  • Even if you aren't feeling well and having ear issues, spending time with your family doing nothing can be incredibly rejuvenating and relaxing.

  • The Twilight books are great. Easy to read, lovely to fall into. I highly recommend them.

So, happy 2009! My trip didn't go exactly as planned, so unfortunately, I was less up to blogging than I thought I'd be. But, I'm back now, and ready for action. Remember: Game On!