All the permission you need

You have permission to say no. All the time. Even if you don’t have a good reason. 

You have permission to say yes. To the things that seem crazy. Or audacious. Or like the longest of long shots. 

You have permission to want something bigger and better for yourself, even if it will make the people around you who don’t want things to be different uncomfortable. 

And you have permission to be happy with the things in your life, just as they are. 

You have permission to ignore the Dream Bigger! rhetoric, to turn away from the noise when you feel overwhelmed, to define what you need for yourself as something that looks completely different from what everyone else needs. 

You have permission to turn down great “opportunities” for the sake of what you really want for yourself. 

Or to turn them down for the sake of taking more naps. Or watching more Gilmore Girls

You have permission to let go of needing a good reason for anything you do. 

You get to follow your whims – staying up late painting or writing or just thinking because it’s what you want to do. 

You get to wake up early or sleep in. 

You have permission not to have to explain yourself – to say, “I’m a grown-ass lady and I do what I want.”

Here’s permission to laugh too loud or dance in public or order dessert first. 

All of those ideas that come to you that you always push back down because they seem too big or too unexpected or too crazy? You have permission to follow through. 

Start writing the book.
Hit publish on that blog post, the one that’s going to ruffle feathers.
Take the dance class.
Get the haircut.
Let yourself be seen. 

You have permission to do the things that are going to draw attention to you. You have permission to stand out and be noticed. 

You have all the permission. 

Right here. 

To say and do and be all of the things that you want to say and do and be. 

And so what are you going to do with it?

This can be your year. If you let it. 

You in?

articlesTiffany Han