Confession: I don't care anymore.

What I really want to say is that I don’t care. I know it’s hard. I’m tired of hearing it.

I don’t care that you’re an introvert.
I don’t care that your kids need to be fed or that there’s laundry to fold.
I don’t care that you aren’t sure how.

What I really want to say is that the name of your blog doesn’t matter. Your facebook page doesn’t matter. The number of Instagram followers doesn’t matter. Your font doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you do the work, that you show up to the page or the canvas or the mat every single day and you make something happen.

What matters is that you keep showing up and doing the work until you find your thing. Until it clicks. Until you start hearing the voices in your head, the “yes…yes…YES” voices that say you have arrived. You have figured it out. For now anyways. 

And what matters is that once you get the yes, you keep showing up and doing the work. You keep digging into the idea, reworking it, swirling it around in your mouth to get to know the nuances of the flavor.

What matters is that you use that yes to figure out what your next one is. And then show up again, do the work, and figure out the yes that comes after that one too.

What I really want to say is that all this waiting is getting you nowhere. And I know: you’re stuck and you aren’t sure. But I also know that you’re tired of it all, of taking the classes and reading the blogs and the magazines and watching the pictures of everyone else living their most DREAMY JUICY CREATIVE life go by.

You’re tired of waiting for your day to come, for it to finally be your turn.

But you know what? If all you’re doing is waiting, your day will never come. It will never be your turn.

What I really want to say is that it’s time TODAY for you to MAKE IT your turn. For you to claim what you want for yourself, no matter what. Even though you don’t have it figured out, especially since you don’t have it figured out.

Today. Right now. Do something – anything. But make sure that it’s something that matters. No more dicking around on social media. No more worrying and collecting inspiration.

All of that inspiration is bullshit if you aren’t willing to do anything with it.

Instead of collecting inspiration, go out into the world and CREATE your own. Find inspiration in the trees and the flowers and the butterflies, not on a screen in the comfort of your own home. Screen inspiration is the inspiration that will keep you small.

And who has time for staying small?

You only think you have time. Imagine how you would feel one week from now if you started today? Imagine what you’d be able to have gotten done in a month. Imagine where you’d be in a year if only you had started right now. 

Ready, steady…GO.

Do it today. Start writing. Pick up the paintbrush. Call your friend who has a lead on a job and make the appointment.

articlesTiffany Han