How are you willing to fail?

Something happened after I had my kids. 

I was getting ready to come back from my maternity leave, contemplating my business, and I realized that what I saw didn’t thrill me. 

I was doing okay. Everything was just fine. Things were good enough

But everything had changed. I had two new little human beings that were dependent on me (and my time and my energy). I could no longer spend all my hours spinning my wheels, hoping that things would pick up for me. 

The late nights at the keyboard wouldn’t work anymore. 

The but maybe one day’s wouldn’t work anymore. 

The wishing and waiting and hoping that someone would notice me wouldn’t work anymore. 

And I knew that if, 5 years later, my business was still in the okay-just fine-good enough place, I’d have to call it quits. 

It would have failed. 

Except, that’s not how I wanted to fail. 

I realized that if I had to throw in the towel on my business, I’d want to be certain that I’d done everything I could to make a go of it. 

If I failed at business, I wanted to fail BIG. I wanted to be certain that I’d tried my hardest, that I’d gone all in, that I’d laid all my cards on the table to find success for myself. For the sake of those two new human beings, the ones who would someday look up to me as their role model. 

And so I committed to raising my hand and saying yes – to the potential of rejection, to experimenting, to trying, to learning, and to evolving. 

Is this scary? Yep. 

Is it vulnerable? You bet. 

Do I sometimes wish I could just let it go and ease up on myself? More often than you’d think. 

But, it’s also exciting. And empowering. And enticing. By putting myself in control of my potential failure, I’ve also put myself in control of my success. 

Instead of waiting around for someone to take care of things for me, I’m going after opportunities for myself. I’m doing the work to create what I want in my business. I’m not looking for permission slips or invitations. I’m writing my own. 

And it feels in-fucking-credible! 

And now I turn the question to you – how do you want to fail? Do you want to never publish that book because you just never tried hard enough? Or do you want to know that you did everything you could to get that manuscript in front of the world? 

Do you want to keep on waiting around for someone big to notice you or do you want to start building actual relationships with people?

Do you want to keep on settling for okay-just fine-good enough until it becomes your normal? 

Or do you want to fail BIG? Do you want to go all in? Do you want to commit to getting out of your comfort zone despite how vulnerable it feels?

Your time is now. What are you going to do about it? 

articlesTiffany Han