How to be remarkable (a short guide)

Here’s a short guide to being remarkable. Finding your authentic voice. Standing out in a crowded market. Owning your thing. You know. All that stuff that we’re all after:

  1. Take a chance on something. Feel the goodness in it. 
  2. Get burned. 
  3. Stay quiet next time. 
  4. Have an idea, but push it aside when no one agrees. 
  5. Do the safe thing. 
  6. Do it again. 
  7. And again. 
  8. Start getting praised for having the right answer and toeing the line. 
  9. Let that build you up. 
  10. For a time. 
  11. Feel a yearning, a what if, an inkling that you have more to say. 
  12. Quiet that for now. 
  13. Because there’s not time. 
  14. Because the to-do list needs tending. 
  15. Because it’s easier not to. 
  16. Because wrong answers and failures aren’t looked kindly upon. 
  17. Spend your money on things you think will fill you up. Eat the food, drink the drinks, watch the shows. Scroll through the lives of everyone else while you do those things. 
  18. Stop sleeping. Lay awake in bed scrolling some more. 
  19. Take a class. Buy a book. 
  20. Try something. 
  21. Feel frustrated that it’s hard. 
  22. Or unsure that it’s your thing.
  23. Or like you’re never going to be as good as that person. The one you see when you scroll. 
  24. Buy another book. 
  25. Take another class. 
  26. Get the kit that someone recommends. 
  27. Watch your craft room fill up with unused supplies and books. 
  28. Watch your inbox fill up with notifications from all those courses you donated your hard-earned money to. 
  29. Wonder if you could make a living collecting unused resources. 
  30. Get impatient. 
  31. Do something about it. Quietly. At a whisper. 
  32. Keep it safe. For now. 
  33. Join a FB group
  34. Say what you want out loud. 
  35. Start showing up differently – to your job, your family, your life. 
  36. Wear the good clothes. To the soccer game. 
  37. Curl your hair. Because it’s Tuesday. 
  38. Sing out loud in the car. Even though you aren’t alone. 
  39. Stop and doubt sometimes. 
  40. Feel like you’re getting pulled back in. 
  41. Shake it out. Pull out one of the unopened packages in your craft room and make something on the fly. 
  42. Anything. 
  43. Because being in your hands is always better than being in your head. 
  44. Submit a piece of writing. Or an art piece. 
  45. Start the blog. 
  46. Quit the blog and start the podcast
  47. Email your heroes. 
  48. Do a happy dance when they say yes. 
  49. Try something that doesn’t work. 
  50. Wonder if you should give it all up. 
  51. Open your inbox to a message from someone telling you that you changed their life. 
  52. Take a deep breath and keep going, at least for now. 
  53. Do something the way it’s been done.
  54. Pay attention to that voice that says this could be better.
  55. Take 1 step towards making it better your way.
  56. Pay attention to how that feels.
  57. Realize that you can take more steps toward your way.
  58. That the only thing standing in your way is you. 
  59. And your fear of being different. Of standing out. Of being seen. 
  60. And know that being seen is the only way for you now. That being invisible is for a different person. A person you can’t go back to. A person that you won’t be again. Even though the doubt and fear are there. Even though you know that not everyone loves it – or even understands it! Even though you feel uncomfortable every single day of your life. 
articlesTiffany Han