30 for 30: week 1 recap

I have officially rounded up the first week of my 30 for 30 remix challenge! Wanna see the pics?

Note: there are only 5 pics in this week, not 7. When I started the challenge, I gave myself "exception days" which are mainly for sailing and painting. I didn't want to muddle up the mix with my grubby clothes...so, only 5 outfits this week, but don't y'all worry, we're going to make it up to 30, I promise!

Also Note: My camera decided to break on Day 2, so most of my pics were taken by Tim in our house at night with the iPhone. The scenery is not the best, but you can see two of my paintings and how we put up paint swatch colors, decided not to go with either and have yet to paint over anything. That's life, my friends!

Day 1:

Above: tank: Old Navy, cardi: Gap Outlet, belt: Macy's, skirt: H&M, shoes: Target, necklace: Crave Jewlery

(also, ps. taking your own photos is hard y'all!)

Day 2:

Above: shirt: Anthro, cardi: Zara, jeans: Anthro, shoes: Target, necklace: Mati Rose (gift)

Day 3:

Above: shirt: Anthro, jeans: Anthro, jacket: H&M, boots: Zappos (gift)

Day 4:

Above: sweater: Banana Republic, pants: SF Boutique, jacket: H&M, boots: SF Boutique, necklace: Jess LC

Day 5:

Above: sweater: Banana Republic, capelet: Anthro, pants: SF boutique, boots: SF boutique, necklace: Jess LC

This is really such fun! I've already filled up a box of clothes that I'm hoping to get rid of once I teach myself that I can live with less. Clothing swap anyone? (And by swap, I mean, you take it and I keep NOTHING!)

One question for you readers: what are your thoughts on the cape in Shot #5? I got it for myself for my birthday, but was considering returning it after taking this shot. But, as I look at the photo now, it really is cute, isn't it? What do y'all think: to cape or not to cape?