30 for 30: week 2 recap

Hi friends!

Are you anxiously waiting for my second round of outfits? I figured as much. Thanks for all your sweet words about the cape! It's definitely staying in the closet!

Without further ado, I give you week 2:

Day 6:


Above: cami: LOFT, cardi: zara, pants: H&M, shoes: zappos, necklace: Jess LC

I'd like to point out that I look a little more chipper in the shots that are taken at the beginning of the day, rather than at the end of the day after a long retail shift. That's all.

Day 7:

Above: jacket: H&M, tights: Macy's, boots: Zappos, dress (not pictured): H&M, cardi (not pictured): J Crew, hat: unknown

So, this is what happens when it's raining when you leave the house, but then becomes sunny and stays cold: you wear rain boots all day! Also, it was cold! But, in case you're wondering, the dress was black and the cardi was fuschia. I just decided to toss all my colors into the mix! (Thanks to sweet Mati Rose for the photo taking!)

Day 8, aka Thanksgiving!!:

shirt: Vintage Vantage (gift), cardi (not pictured) GAP outlet, jeans: Anthro, boots: SF boutique, coat: Target

Um, remember when I said I was reserving the right to one more article? Well, it was this coat, because it got COLD peeps!

Day 9:

above: jacket/top: SF boutique, scarf: pier 1, pants: H&M, shoes: converse

Day 10:

Um, to be completely honest, I didn't take an outfit shot on Day 10. I went out with a friend right after work, and Tim was asleep by the time I got home, so instead, I'm going to give you this.

Why yes, this is a picture of the cocktails I had with my friend! But, I can assure you, the outfit was ADORABLE and that I'm planning to recreate it in a photo shoot later this week. I wouldn't want you to worry or, more importanly, think I was cheating!

Oh, and PS. I'm going to be sending out my very first newsletter next week and will be giving away one of my you are beautiful wood blocks to someone on the list...could it be you? Sign up on the sidebar or click here and maybe you could win!!