I've been wanting to tell you...

 I've been wanting to tell you Tiffany Han

I've been wanting to tell you Tiffany Han

I’ve been wanting to tell you that I KNOW it all makes you uncomfortable - the thought of playing a bigger game for your life, of doing more things on your terms and not everyone else’s. I know it’s hard and scary and daunting.

I’ve been wanting to tell you that it’s daunting because you’ve spent most of your life taking care of everyone else - doing what they need you to, letting them be first. Because that’s how you were raised: to be quiet, and small and not make a fuss.

And I’ve been wanting to tell you that you can play by a different set of rules, for a different game: that it’s okay to make a fuss and raise your voice and cause heads to turn.

It’s okay to stand up for something you believe in - for yourself - even though other people may not like it. Even though it may make everyone who is used to you being quiet and small uncomfortable. Even though you aren’t sure that the world is ready for you.

I’ve been wanting to tell you that the world IS ready for you, that the people who need you have been waiting a lifetime and don’t even know it yet. And that you have power - real power - to serve and inspire and educate.

That your version of making a fuss isn’t about self-indulgent nonsense, it isn’t vanity or ego, it’s about you making your mark on this world. It’s about you having something to say that is so worth saying you can’t keep it in any longer.

It is about you realizing that you are a big fucking deal and starting to finally - finally! - own it.

Because you owe it to yourself, and to the people around you. You owe it to the next generation of this world to show them what happens when you stand up on your shaky legs and say that thing out loud that has the power to turn heads and shake up hearts and get people moving.

I’ve been wanting to tell you that I know it’s uncomfortable to think about and I know that you think you’d rather stay safe and quiet and small.

But I know that you’re still reading this, with a pounding heart, and thinking Could I? Maybe? Is she writing this to me?

And I’ve been wanting to tell you that Yes, I am writing this to you. Because I know you’re ready. I know you feel it too. And I know that your time is now.

So let’s do this, Love, shaky hands and all.

It will all be fine, I promise.

**graphic by Erin Cassidy for Tiffany Han Coaching

Confession: I don't care anymore.

 I don't care anymore by Tiffany Han

I don't care anymore by Tiffany Han

What I really want to say is that I don’t care. I know it’s hard. I’m tired of hearing it.

I don't care that you're an introvert. I don't care that your kids need to be fed or that there's laundry to fold. I don't care that you aren't sure how.

What I really want to say is that the name of your blog doesn’t matter. Your facebook page doesn’t matter. The number of instagram followers doesn’t matter. Your font doesn't matter.

What matters is that you do the work, that you show up to the page or the canvas or the mat every single day and you make something happen.

What matters is that you keep showing up and doing the work until you find your thing. Until it clicks. Until you start hearing the voices in your head, the “yes...yes...YES” voices that say you have arrived. You have figured it out. For now anyways. 

And what matters is that once you get the yes, you keep showing up and doing the work. You keep digging into the idea, reworking it, swirling it around in your mouth to get to know the nuances of the flavor.

What matters is that you use that yes to figure out what your next one is. And then show up again, do the work, and figure out the yes that comes after that one too.

What I really want to say is that all this waiting is getting you nowhere. And I know: you’re stuck and you aren’t sure. But I also know that you’re tired of it all, of taking the classes and reading the blogs and the magazines and watching the pictures of everyone else living their most DREAMY JUICY CREATIVE life go by.

You’re tired of waiting for your day to come, for it to finally be your turn.

But you know what? If all you’re doing is waiting, your day will never come. It will never be your turn.

What I really want to say is that it’s time TODAY for you to MAKE IT your turn. For you to claim what you want for yourself, no matter what. Even though you don’t have it figured out, especially since you don’t have it figured out.

Today. Right now. Do something - anything. But make sure that it’s something that matters. No more dicking around on social media. No more worrying and collecting inspiration.

All of that inspiration is bullshit if you aren’t willing to do anything with it.

Instead of collecting inspiration, go out into the world and CREATE your own. Find inspiration in the trees and the flowers and the butterflies, not on a screen in the comfort of your own home. Screen inspiration is the inspiration that will keep you small.

And who has time for staying small?

You only think you have time. Imagine how you would feel one week from now if you started today? Imagine what you’d be able to have gotten done in a month. Imagine where you’d be in a year if only you had started right now. 

Ready, steady...GO.

Do it today. Start writing. Pick up the paintbrush. Call your friend who has a lead on a job and make the appointment.

And if you have a business that you're ready to take to the next level, join us for 100 Rejection Letters which will give you an entire year outside your comfort zone. Registration is open until Monday and this is the most affordable way to work with me long-term; we start November 2. Will you be there?

Your future self will thank you. For all of it.

Why fear isn't a factor.

I'm not fearless Tiffany Han

Something I hear from people all the time is, "Well, if I was just fearless like you, I could definitely go after my dreams."

And then I chuckle to myself because I feel fear all the time.

It’s true. I’m not fearless. 

I get nervous. VERY nervous. 

I procrastinate. A LOT. 

I try to hide from the things that I want for my life and business because they make me uncomfortable. 

I spend too much time on social media. 

I dance around conversations that require confrontation. 

I avoid people and places where I’m not sure of the outcome. 


But I try to push past all of that most of the time. 

Because I know that being a person who is afraid doesn’t work for me. I know that hiding from what I want doesn’t get me closer to any of the things I want for my life. 

But that doesn’t mean the fear goes away. That doesn’t mean I don’t feel nerves all the time. It doesn’t mean that I always know what to say or how something’s going to play out or that I’m 100% comfortable with what I’m doing (and how I’m feeling) at all times. 

I’m not. 

Most of the time, I have a running dialogue of “OMG, Tiffany, are you crazy?! I can’t believe you’re doing this.” running through my head. 

And then I take a deep breath and hit send, shaky hands and all.

Then, once I've done it, I stand up and jump around, turn up my music and think "Ahh! What have I done?"

And here's what I know - everything I have in my business today is all based on action. 

Action is how I’ve been able to move things forward in my business. Action is how I’ve been able to make things happen and grow. 

Action is how I was able to land guests for my podcast like Austin Kleon, Danielle Krysa, and Alison Faulkner.

Action is how I was able to speak at ALT Summit twice this year.

Action is how I was able to teach for CreativeLive.

Action is how I was able to make decisions about my brand and what I stand for and what I really want to say.

Action is how I was able to look at what I wanted for my business, say things out loud and proactively go after opportunities instead of waiting for them to come to me. 

Action. Action. Action.

Do I need to say it again?

And it's not just about action, but action despite the fear, despite the nerves, despite the but I'm not sure's, because the best way to convince yourself of how much you know is to DO THE WORK AND REALIZE THAT THE SKY DIDN'T FALL.

You raise your hand and say yes. And then you trust that you will figure it out.

Because the fact that you're reading this email tells me that you are a person who figures her shit out.

You making it this far in the message tells me that you're ready for more. That you're ready to take your own form of action. That you're ready to make your own brand of magic.

And 100 Rejection Letters will get you there. In spades.

It will teach you what it's like to dance beyond your comfort zone for an entire year. It will teach you what it's like to say things out loud. And what happens when the world responds.

It will teach you that you are so much more capable of figuring things out than you realize.

It will teach you that you're bigger than the questions that you've gotten stuck in.

It will teach you that learning to celebrate the failure - because it's a sign of trying - is actually the most effective way to get beyond your fear of it.

And it will teach you that the world has been ready for you all along. We just needed you to speak up.

Are you in? Cause it's your turn. 

What Would You Do if You Weren't You?

What Would You Do if You Weren't You? via Business and Branding Coach Tiffany Han What would you do if you weren’t you?

Like, if you had the freedom to start from scratch and rebuild, to clear it all off the table and start fresh?

What would you want for yourself?

Where would you want to be?

What things would you do differently, knowing what you know now?

Yes. You are brilliant where you are. Of course. And all of your life’s experiences have led you to now. Of course.

But. But. By considering how you would redesign things from the ground up, you can see what’s really working and what isn’t.

If you had complete and utter freedom, what would you want for yourself?

Hone in on the answer to this question and let it move you out of the I don’t know zone and into creating something new for yourself.

Most of us don’t have the freedom to walk away from our lives. But. We do have the freedom to take tiny baby steps toward change. To make small adjustments that add up over time.

We can change how we show up in our lives. The truths we speak. What we value the most.

We can change the people we surround ourselves with and the energy we emit. We can change the things that we say yes to, and the subsequent things we say no to.

And all of these things - the ones that are in our control - add up to a life. 

A life that we can either be in control of, driving the bus and calling the shots, or a life that we can be a passenger in, just along for the ride, not having any say in the direction we go.

I know which one I’d rather be. You?

So tell me...what would you do if you were Alexandra Franzen? Or Ellen? Or Mindy Kaling?

What would you do if you had the creative freedom of being able to say whatever you want out loud? (Hint: you do.)

What would you say yes to (and say no to) if you had to set boundaries on your time because you were running an in demand creative business?

Who would you be if you would just get out of your own way and get on with it already?

Love, it’s time to pull your cape out of the back of the closet, blow off the dust, and be your own hero.  (Tweet it.)

Be Your Own Hero, via Business and Branding Coach Tiffany Han

Think about it - you don the cape, and then what? What would be the first thing you’d do?

Where would you start? What would you let go of and what would you start? Right away.

Because that’s the thing about superheros. They don’t have time to fuck around. They are busy being super.

And that’s the thing about you - you ARE already a hero. It’s just time you took a look in the mirror and started owning it. (Tweet it.)

2015. The year that I always thought we’d have flying cars. But if we don’t have that kind of magic yet, isn’t it time - instead - that you started to own it? To really claim what you want for yourself?

The year that you go all in on the business.

The year that you start loving yourself first.

The year that you say no. All the time.

And the year that you create room with all your no’s for that one big life-changing, oh yeah baby yes. The YES that will change it all. The one that will be your tipping point, the first of many, the one where you look back on it all and think wow, it was that simple. What was I waiting for?

It’s time.

PS. If you want to go all in and start making some asks, you can learn my pitching secrets tomorrow at noon PST in a free webinar. RSVP here (the recording will be shared if you can't make it live!)

PPS. Registration for 100 Rejection Letters opens Monday, so yeah. It's time. Wanna get first dibs on all the goods? Sign up here. 

nuts and bolts of pitching

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how to pitch me*

How to Pitch Me by Tiffany Han, Business & Branding Coach

Dear Person who Wants to Pitch Me*,

I’m writing this open letter to you today because I’m tired of getting bad pitches. I’m tired of getting pitches that make my brain hurt. I’m tired of getting pitches that aren’t an Easy Yes.

I'm tired of getting pitches that look like this:

Tiffany Han on how to send a pitch

Le sigh.

Don’t do this.

I’m tired of getting pitches that are a bad fit. Look, I should be an easy target. I’ve worked hard to create a brand that - from a quick glance - communicates what I’m all about.

So pitching me weight loss products or meditations on healthy living or, well, pretty much anything else that doesn’t have to do with creative risk or taking chances or doing the scary thing is going to get an eye roll and not much else.

If you are going to pitch me, let me know what’s in it for me beyond your expertise. If you want to come onto my podcast, don't outline everything you'll talk about in detail. My show is conversational. I like to go behind the scenes and hear stories. You telling me that you'll lead my listeners through a coaching exercise tells me that you've never listened the show.

Oh, yes. I'd appreciate it if you'd listen to my show before you pitch me to be a guest. I need you to be familiar with my audience, because my show exists for my audience. My audience is magic, and if you aren't willing to take time to get to know them, I won't be able to give you the privilege of speaking to them. Because their collective attention is a privilege that I don't take lightly.

The #1 key to successful pitching is preparation and research. It's about so much more than what your email says. This is what I teach. 

Yes, I’m interested in helping people pitch and take action and do the work but I’m also interested in making sure that they do it right. And smart. Because work for the sake of work doesn’t get anyone anywhere - being on 100 podcasts just for the sake of being on 100 podcasts won't grow your business.

Being on 10 podcasts where you can deliver a powerful, meaningful interview to an audience of people who are uniquely aligned to your brand? Right. That's where the magic happens.

So. If you’re going to pitch me - do your homework. Know who I am. Bonus: connect with me first on social media! Whoa. (Honestly, this one is huge and you’d be shocked at how many people fail to do this.)

And then send a thoughtful pitch. It can be a template, but add in some parts that show me you know who I am. Better yet, don't hide behind your template. Make the pitch short. Really short. So much shorter than you think it needs to be. 

I can promise you that shorter emails are exponentially more likely to be responded to.

Take a moment to make sure my name is spelled right and that you have my podcast name right. (No. Really. This gets you a 50% higher chance of a yes right here.)

And then tell me what value you’re going to deliver to my audience. Be bold. Make a statement - why are you the best person for the job?

At the same time, leave it open. Acknowledge that I’m in creative control of my content and that I’ll make the final call. Don’t say, "We will talk about … " Instead say, "A few of the topics I could cover are…" (and then make them all an easy yes!).

I get it: pitching can be scary. But you should be pitching. You should be asking for what you want and need for your business (and your life!).  The key to remember is that 1. most people aren’t pitching at all and 2. most of the pitches that are sent are bad. As in not good. As in delete and move on.

I’m not writing this to shame or be a bully or a jerk. I want to help you. Really. I promise. Because if you’re willing to follow a few rules and then follow through with hitting send, your chances of getting a yes are exponentially higher! (YES.)

And that means that you'll be getting your work and your voice and your wisdom out into this world (which is where it needs to be!). It means that you'll be connecting with the right audience, working with more of the right people (oh, hi, yes please to that.) and finding everything you do so much more satisfying!

And, at the end of the day, we all want to love our work. We want to feel connected and useful and like the things we do matter.

Pitching can help get you there, and I want you to succeed!

Want more? On Friday 10/2, I'm going to be teaching a free webinar about the nuts and bolts of pitching. You'll learn how to craft your pitch, where to look for the easy yes, and the three things you absolutely must do before hitting send. 

The world needs more of you in it; let's make that happen. RSVP now.  

nuts and bolts of pitching

PS. A sneak peek of 100 Rejection Letters 2.0 is going out to the preview list tomorrow (with first dibs on the bonuses!) Are you on the list?

*and by me, I mean anyone

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You will be judged.

  Here’s the hard truth about taking creative risk: you will be judged. I want you to do it anyway. Via Tiffany Han, Business & Branding Coach

Here’s the hard truth about taking creative risk: you will be judged. 

When you share your work publicly, people are going to look at it, critique it, decide if it’s good enough. 

This is what happens, and we are so afraid it.

Why don’t you try it? I ask. 

But what if no one likes it? You respond. 

Unfortunately the someone liking it piece doesn't matter the way you think it should. Your creative work has value even if no one likes it. Or, more likely, even if no one you know tells you they like it. 

Because the value in the work isn’t other people liking it, it’s you making it and sharing it and then doing it all again. Over and over and over again. 

It’s about you establishing your voice, figuring out what you have to say, and then getting more and more confident and comfortable with it all as time goes on. 

It’s about you embracing the inevitable judgment that will come (because it will) and doing it anyway. 

Because here’s the thing about judgment - you are being judged all the time, whether you realize it or not. All the time. 

People are judging you based on what you wear, how you walk down the street, how often you return things to target, the bumper stickers on your car, how you order food in a restaurant, what your kids are like, how much wine you drink, how little wine you drink. 

All of it. 

You are being judged constantly in this world. But that doesn’t mean you don’t leave the house. 

And it’s the same with creative work. Yes, you will be judged. So what? I want you to do it anyway. 

To know that the judgment will come and keep taking strides anyway. To know that people disagreeing with you or not liking your work is par for the course, is just part of playing the game, and that it doesn’t make you bad. Or less worthy. Or a person who shouldn't share her work - her writing, her painting, her voice. 

All of it is meant to be shared, judgment be damned. 

Because for every person who hates it, there will be five more who say (or think), this is exactly what I needed to see today. 

Because for every person who thinks you should just stop doing what you’re doing, there will be five more who say, please don’t stop. Your work is making such a difference in my life. 

Because for every person who absolutely hates the sound of your voice, there will be five more enraptured with what you have to say. 

Because when you keep going, those 5 people become 10 and those 10 become 20 who becomes 50 and then 100. And one day, you look up from all the creative work you're doing and realize - Ooooh. I'm actually doing this. Whooooa. I didn't even realize it. 

And who are you doing it for? For the one potential hater or for the 5 who just. can’t. get. enough. of. you.

I know who I’m doing it for. I know why I don’t look at my unsubscribes or see who unfollows me. I know why I let that shit go on a regular basis. 

Because I’m not doing my work for those people. 

I’m doing my work for you. 

And for me. 

Who are you doing yours for? And are you willing to keep going when things start getting uncomfortable? Cause, Sweets, that's when the magic happens. 

PS. If you’re an emphatic yes to all of this, 100 Rejection Letters 2.0 starts November 2 and priority registration opens to the preview list September 28. Get on that list here and get exclusive access to bonuses (including 1-on-1's with me)!

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the power of the baby step

The power of baby steps by Tiffany Han

If you've spent any time around young kids, you understand the concept of baby steps. 

First they pull up. Then they creep along, holding on to something for guidance. Then they start taking one or two tentative steps, looking up at you for reassurance, making sure that this is where they need to be. 

There are falls. So many falls. 

They fall all the time, perfecting the art of drunk-walking, learning to fall back on their bottom instead of forward on their face. 

And they keep getting up. Keep trying again. Keep taking those steps. 

Over and over and over again. 

Baby steps. First steps. Next steps. 

That's how we all learn how to walk. It's how we learn to do everything. 

Until we get to a certain point where failure isn't an option anymore, where perfection from the start is the goal. We forget about the learning and focus on having the right answer. 

We decide that if we aren't sprinting from the get-go, it's not worth it. 

We forget that the value is in the combination of every singular step not the moment when we realize we're running without even trying. 

We stop learning how to fall because falling is a problem. A Problem. That we are embarrassed about. 

We forget that falling is okay because it means you're trying. 

(Oh hi. Have I mentioned that 100 Rejection Letters starts November 1? Yeah. It's time to celebrate falling again. In a BIG way. Get first dibs on bonuses by signing up here.)

I've been in business for myself for five years, and in that time, I've fallen. A lot. 

I've heard crickets. Heard no's. Heard doors of opportunity closing quietly in my face. 

And it's stung. It's left me wondering when it will be my turn and what it will take for me to finally gain some traction. 

But I never let it stop me. I kept going. I learned how to fall. 

And, over time, the falls got easier. There were fewer of them. Because I kept going. And trying. And raising my hand and saying yes. 

And I figured it out as I went. 

Over and over and over again. 

And this is what you can do too. No matter what your journey is, you've started by being here, by opening this email and getting this far. 

Maybe you're still in the pulling-up mode of just holding on to the couch and you aren't sure where to go. 

That's okay. 

Wherever you are is okay. And you are doing great. 

Just remember to keep stepping. Keep looking around. Keep figuring out your very next move. You'll get there. You really will. 

I promise. 

playing bigger webinar ad_500

**graphic by Erin Cassidy for Tiffany Han Coaching

What's your WHY?

Your Playing Bigger End Game by Tiffany Han

There’s a lot of talk in the world about being more successful, making more money, and landing more clients.

But when was the last time you thought about your playing bigger end game? About the why behind your what?

Why are you doing the things you’re doing?

More influence?

More reach?

More money?

More time?

More freedom?

What are the things you are seeking?

My end game is about impact.

I have a message that I want to shake up the world with and need to get in front of people. I want to create a movement - an inspired-life-revolution community willing to do the uncomfortable thing, to take a deep breath and make one baby step towards bold action.

People who aren’t willing to stop after one or three or fifteen baby steps but know that they have to keep going. Until their baby steps become a jog which turns into what gets them across the finish line 26.2 miles later.

A community built of people who do it anyway. Who dance with their discomfort. Who say, hell yes this is scary! but don’t stop. This is what I want to create.

I want to stand up and preach at the pulpit of the crazyfaith congregation, let people receive their inspiration, open their hearts up to their creative genius and let that shit flow.

I want to surround myself with people who are tired of waiting for opportunity to come their way and are ready to create their own.

No more salary negotiations - they just start their own companies. Even though they aren’t sure how - they raise their hand and they figure it out. And they do it again and again and again until they get to the point where they know that there is nothing they can’t figure out. They know that there isn’t any challenge that is too great for them.

Because they’ve learned and they’ve worked and they’ve trusted and they’ve built something that is so 1000% them that now it feels easy. And now it feels fun. And now all of the effort is amazing and better than they could have ever guessed it would be.

This is my playing bigger end game - this community. This spirit. This work.

I know I’m not going to get there by holding everyone’s hand and convincing them that their creative vision is valid. I’m not going to get there dicking around on facebook hoping that someone clicks the like button, reinforcing my need to be clever. I’m not going to get it trying to drag every single person out on the dance floor.

I’m going to get it by standing in the middle of the dance floor and dancing my heart out, even though Internet Marketing Experts would tell me that’s not how it’s done.

I’m going to get it by being a leader. By raising my own hand and saying yes, by standing up straighter and demanding things for myself, and by showing the rest of the world that it’s possible, that you don’t need to be a supermodel or professional athlete or millionaire to make things happen.

That normal people, every single day, do it for themselves.

I’m going to do it by being me. By letting all of the parts of myself out. By getting vulnerable and saying things out loud and proving that - when you do - the sky doesn’t fall. The earth doesn’t stop spinning and that, over time, people start to notice. They start listening. They follow along.

And then, shortly after that, they start showing up differently in their own lives - they start making those changes. They start saying things out loud and demanding different things and turning away from what is unacceptable. And then it ripples out and becomes a thing. 

This is why I do what I do. It’s time to play a bigger game. Starting now.

For me and for you.

PS. If you want to see what getting vulnerable really looks like - join me for a free webinar on September 16 at noon PST where I'm going to take you inside my business to look at what's working, what isn't, and what I'm shifting - all in favor of my End Game. We'll be talking money, time, and energy and you'll get the REAL inside scoop! RSVP here. 

the value of YOU.

The Value of YOU via The Tiffany Han

We can talk all day long about strategy (and we do). 

We can talk all day long about best practices (and we do).

We can talk all day long about read this and listen to this and download this so that you know all there is to know about this very specific thing.

And if you need to know a lot about a very specific thing, all of this can be quite helpful.

But, in most cases, you don’t.

You don't need to know ALL THE THINGS. You just need to know what it's going to take to get you started.

But we let our chase of the “very specific thing” knowledge overtake everything.

We research something to death, wanting to know one more specific detail, certain that there’s a different perfect option that we haven’t yet discovered.

We poll our friends over and over again. We google. We watch those 2-minute introduction videos.

We let our research supersede the Doing.

Because, all that time, we could have been creating something amazing.

Did you know that the average person spends nearly 2 hours a day on social media?

I recently polled my facebook friends to see what they would do with this time if it was handed to them as a gift: 2 hours each day, no strings attached, no obligation. The answers ranged from sleep to exercise to create to read to have more sex. Not a single person said they’d spend more time scrolling.

Keep your eye on the prize via Tiffany Han

And yet. This is what we’re all doing. Every single day. We are giving away the moments of our lives to businesses designed to keep us hooked.

Businesses that are the social media outlets. Businesses that teach about the social media outlets. Businesses that co-exist hand-in-hand with all of these other so-called tools to help us create growth in our creative businesses and our lives.

And yes. There is value there. Some value. But the real value is in you. In the content you create. In the actions you take and the words you say and the things that you make people feel with your work.

That is the value we’re all looking for here. And that is the value that comes from the time spent sleeping and exercising and creating and reading and having sex.

But no one ever talks about the power of the value behind what you’re creating. Because we’re afraid of being hacks and secretly think that our work isn't good enough, that's it's a sub-par version of something that someone else has already done better. Because that’s how our brains work. And we’re uncomfortable with the potential value and the hard work so we hide.

We run to facebook and start scrolling. We look up pie recipes on pinterest. We check out our favorite blogger’s instagram which leads us to a link on their site and then we’re gone.

At that point, our potential for creating something of value is about 4%. But we don’t even know it because we’re numb. And we’ve learned to perceive our numbness as looking for inspiration. 

Because that’s what everyone wants us to think. Because it’s in their best interest to keep us clicking and scrolling and liking and pinning. Because that’s how they make their money.

Not that there’s anything wrong with making money. That’s not what this is about.

This is about forsaking your own sleep and exercise and creation and sex for the sake of consuming something mandated by the Gods of the Internet.

This is about making a clear decision about what you want and establishing boundaries that will allow you to make that happen for yourself.

This is about less scrolling and more creating - on your terms, in alignment with what you want, even if the prospect of actually getting it makes your heart race and your palms sweat and your stomach churn and omg could I actually do this?

Yes. You could. You can. But not until you get to work.

Next week, on Wednesday (8/26) and Thursday (8/27), I am teaching two classes forCreativeLive (enroll to livestream for free) that are designed to help you figure out your end game and start taking action towards your dreams without letting social media (or fear!) run the show.

On Wednesday, join me for The Easy Yes and learn not only about how to craft an effective pitch, but how to integrate a pitching strategy to help you achieve your Big goals (capital B big) and how you can use the Easy Yes mindset to help you get a yes nearly every time. (Because we all know that a dose of rejection can be a very good thing!).

Then on Thursday, in Social Media Sanity, we'll be turning our focus to social media, talking not just about how you can design a social media strategy that works for you but about how you can also make sure that you are using social media as a tool for telling the story of your brand. What's that story, you wonder? I'll help you find it. It's time to get your time back, Sweets.

If you've been waiting for a sign, this is it Love. This could be the game changer you've been waiting for. Enroll. Watch. Learn.

It's your turn.

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blessing the unsubscribes

Blessing the Unsubscribes via Tiffany Han, Business & Branding Coach

It’s a familiar tale - you launch your business, start growing your e-mail list (thanks mailchimp!) and you are happily going about your business until the dreaded thing happens: you send out a newsletter (a really, really good one!) and your inbox fills with unsubscribe notices. 

Bah! you think. I must have done something wrong. So you make your emails more bland or you stop sending them altogether, hovering in fear of the unsubscribes. 

What if - instead - you blessed the unsubscribes and sent them on their way? What if you kept sending those emails, without watering down what you really want to say for fear of making someone leave?

Case study: the more me my emails are, the more unsubscribes I get. The more powerful the language, the more divisive it is. The emails that I get tons of responses from, my inbox filling up with “How did you know this was exactly what I needed to hear?” are also the ones the get the most unsubscribes. 

Because that’s what happens when you have a strong voice for your brand. Peopleknow what you stand for. They get you. And they can easily tell if you're the right person for them. 

I used to hate sending out newsletters because I never thought I had anything to say, so I only sent them when I was selling something. Spoiler alert: Don't do this. Contribute something valuable with every message you send, whether you're selling or not. Give people a reason to read your email.  

Not sure what to say? Take 15 minutes to write without stopping your hands. Just write. Answer the question “What do you really want to say?”

Tackle the biggest misconceptions people have about you and your industry. What do you wish they knew?

What do you want someone to know or do before they hire you?

What would you say in a secret love letter to your clients?

Start here and let the words flow. Write your truth, but then be willing to bless the unsubscribes that come in once you've hit send.

Rather than tell me that I'm doing something wrong, my unsubscribes let me know I'm doing something right. 

I only want to work with people who want me in their inbox. By signing on to work with me, you get a whole lot of ME, and if you’re turned off by my emails, you’re going to be turned off by my personality too. Which is fine. Because I know that I’m not the business coach for everyone. 

I know that I’m not the business coach for someone who is looking for a suit-wearing, synergysticly-speaking consultant type. 

I know I’m not the business coach for someone who isn’t willing to be called out onthose things that have been holding her back in her business - and her life! - for way too long. 

I know I’m not the business coach for someone who is turned off by strategy or discussion of revenue streams and only wants to talk about the feelings of it all and why it’s so hard and can’t someone just do it for me. 

I know I’m not the business coach for someone who doesn’t have the energy or the enthusiasm to get scrappy and do the work. 

I know that if one of those people sign up for my newsletter list, they will not stay on very long. Not because I’m bad at what I do or they’re a bad person, but because I am not the right coach for them

Which is fine. Because I can’t be the right coach for everyone. That’s not how this works. 

I don’t want to be a burden on anyone’s inbox. I don’t want them to roll their eyes when they see my name come in and think, ugh. what does she want? instead, I want them to get excited to read what I have to say, to be giddy about it. 

And so I bless the unsubscribes that come in and move on with my life. And I want you to do the same.

Don't run from them. Embrace them as a sign you are taking a stand for something you believe in. Because that's the first step in finding YOUR right people. The people who will get excited when they see your name in their inbox. The people who will gladly listen to what you have to tell them, who will buy your artwork or your e-course or listen to your podcast.

Those are the people for you to focus on. And they're ready - and waiting - for y-o-u.

Let's go. 

PS. Heads up: If you're interested in attending  The Hello Sessions being held in Portland, OR on Friday, October 9 (I'm their keynote speaker!) you can get 10% off your registration through August 5 using the code SAYYES10. Let me know if you're coming and I'll save a hug for you! 

**graphic by Erin Cassidy for Tiffany Han Coaching