a guest post: making dreams come true

Hello friends! Today I have a guest post to share from Ashley of Your Super Awesome Life - she's here to tell her story of how she found her way as a coach and is building her dream business. Thank you, Ashley, for sharing your story!

When I made the decision to become an Inspiration Coach, it wasn't just a decision. It was exploring this new space where I felt unlimited energy and pursuing a dream that had been begging to be noticed for the past two years.

But the thing about this particular dream was that it felt like a diamond inside me and acknowledging its existence and shining a light on it made it shine brighter.

Of course, like any diamond, this dream needed to be polished, which meant that it needed a plan to grow into fruition.

This plan included doing the research, gaining the knowledge and acquiring the skills necessary to build a strong foundation as a coach. It included countless hours of (unpaid) experience and training, networking, and collaborating, as well as creating enough white space to allow my creativity to flourish. It included building up the confidence to take that first step, and then actually taking it.

I finally launched Your Super Awesome Life two months after my initial decision to actively pursue this dream. The overflowing excitement, adrenaline, and support kept me going when I felt scared and exhausted. (And let me tell you, it was so scary!)

So, I took another step. I continued blogging. I offered my services and I shared my products. My little business began to grow, one step after another.

I was living my dream! It felt like my life was in alignment and I exuded confidence, joy, and peace.

And then I hit a wall.

I'm sure it's wall you are familiar with. It's the wall where the vampires, inner critics, and mean girls hang out. It's the wall where you're flooded with feelings of self-doubt, insecurity, and shame.

I began to wonder if my services were as good as other coaches. What made me think I could be a coach and share my love and wisdom with the world? Why did I believe I was capable of this and worthy of following my dream? What made me think I was good enough?

Fighting this battle was my biggest struggle. It meant leaning on my incredible support system when I wasn't strong enough to stand on my own. It meant digging deep, learning how to own my awesomeness and accept my flaws. It meant finding my voice in a crowded virtual world and proudly stating that yes, I'm the girl who dances to Hanson.

It meant learning to love myself all over again and sharing that with you. Because, isn't that the point of all this? To share our struggles so that we know we aren't alone?

So, even though I'm only six months into my journey as an Inspiration Coach, I know I am following the path that leads me toward a life I love.

My hope is that you are too. You totally deserve it.

Ashley Wilhite is the founder and force behind Your Super Awesome Life, a site for women who want to live a life they love. With a master’s degree in Psychological Counseling and 1500+ hours with clients, Ashley can help you answer that tough “Who am I?” question, and inspire you to begin living in a way that reflects your deepest, truest, most super awesome hopes and dreams. When she’s not writing, coaching, and dreaming up new ideas, Ashley can be found practicing yoga, drinking iced coffee,  and having dance parties in her living room. Sign up for a free weekly dose of awesomeness and your own soul-shakin' manifesto here.