a helpful hint

So, I'm sure you guys know about how you can go to Home Depot to have a tiny can (smaller than the normal small ones) of paint mixed up as a sample. These cans that they give you are nice: they're small and cute and even have an easy twist off cap so you don't have to get your screwdriver out to open them.  It's really great that you don't have to commit to a whole can of paint when trying to decide if Sun Shower is the right color for your kitchen.

So, yeah, next time you're at Home Depot and you get one of those cans and you're soexcited because you're going to paint your kitchen bright yellow, remember this: when the guy gives you the can, just take a moment to make sure the lid is screwed on all the way. Because, you know, it would really kinda suck to be walking into your house and lose your hold on the can have Sun Shower splatter and spill out all over your beautiful hardwood floors.

Seriously, y'all, it looked like someone killed Big Bird.

*sigh* My mama should have named me Grace.