admitting defeat

Well, blog-reading-friends, as some of you might have realized (hi mom!), I didn't quite meet my own self-imposed 5 posts in 5 days deadline. I didn't even meet my self-imposed-extension 5 posts in a week deadline.

And you know what? That's okay. No, really, it is. You know why? Because I blog for the joy of writing. For the joy of sharing my thoughts with all of you. For the joy of knowing that there are people out there who find value in what I have to say.

And I want to hold onto that joy. I want blogging to continue to be something that brings me joy. I don't want to feel pressure to write more. Even if it's pressure I put on myself, I stop here and now.

So, for now, I will do my best. When I have the time, I will write more. And when I write more, you can celebrate a little bit more. And when I don't have the time, I won't worry about it. Because, truth be told, you're all my friends, even if we only know each other through the internet. And, you know that I have a tendency to worry (hold your thumb!) and you don't want me to stress out over my blog, do you? Now you say: "No, Tiff, that would be silly. Your blog shouldn't ever stress you out. It should be something that brings you joy. It's what you love, don't ruin that. "  {See how you call me Tiff? It's cause we're such good friends. Sure, you can call me Fanny too. Whatever you prefer is fine.}

Thank you for understanding. I appreciate it, really I do.

And, remember, just because I'm not posting as often as you would like doesn't mean I'm not thinking about you. I promise.