Ep. 237: Alexandra Brown on Creating Adventure in Big and Small Ways

Raise your Hand Say Yes with Tanya Geisler

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This episode is for anyone who has a big dream or wants to take a risk but isn't sure how or if they should or what that would look like for their lives. 

I was so excited to get to interview Alexandra Brown about her book A Year Off (that she co-wrote with her now-husband) about her adventure of spending a year traveling around the world with said-husband, then-boyfriend, and everything she learned in the process. 

We covered *so much* in this interview, including: 

  • feeling selfish

  • what to do when people doubt your decisions

  • being an over-performer

  • dealing with anxiety

  • finding adventure in big and small ways

  • what motherhood and travel can teach us

And so much more! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!