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Ah, money! This week, I'm continuing my New Year's Resolution series on Raise Your Hand Say Yes and am talking with Amy Robles all about money! Amy is a former client who not only turned her own money story around by getting rid of debt (she'll tell you how today!) but also now works as a money coach and educator. And she's whip-smart and REAL. Because we don't need any more money lectures, do we? (Nope.)

In this episode, we discuss the importance of getting your money house in order (hint: it has waaaaay more to do with your life than money!) and Amy's three simple steps to get started. Are you ready to figure out your money stuff or get out of debt and actually have a savings account in 2016? This episode is for you!

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Amy, talking with you is always a treat! I can't believe how useful this episode was. THANK YOU!

This episode is sponsored by Mazuma USA, a book-keeping and accounting firm for small businesses. Get more information here. (PS. If you're tired of struggling with your business accounting, Mazuma will change everything. I adore working with them!)

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