An Exercise in Living Joyfully...

As I embark on my journey in changing my life, there are a few things that I resolve to do. I don't like using the word "resolution" since it implies empty promises made to oneself on New Year's Eve out of obligation. So, these are promises I'm making to myself, in order to live my most happy life.

1. Be open to change. Too often, I resist change.  But change happens. All the time. In being open to change, I hope to become more flexible in my thinking while also being open to all the possibilities of the future.

2. Make conscious, active decisions.

3. Trust my instincts and my ability to make the best decision for myself.

4. Act. Do. Be. Don't let myself get caught up in my own thoughts about acting, doing, and being.

5. Practice and learn.

This first blog post is my start...