an open letter to 2012

Dear 2012,

You're here...HOORAY! Except, wait...I have a quick favor to ask.

I had big visions for how you were going to start. In that pile-everything-on-all-at-once way that I do things, I planned to kick you off with a BANG, jumping straight into the deep end and getting started straight away.

But then the holidays happened. Remember that part-time job I picked up in October? One of the side effects of that was that I no longer had a full day off. And so when the holidays came around, I actually took time off. For reals! (Can we talk about how much I'm looking forward to taking real days off this year, 2012?)

So yeah, I took some days off. I spent time with my family, with Tim and Maggie, doing things that weren't "productive," but things that were necessary to my soul: things like hiking, playing Scrabble, drinking wine, laughing at nothing. I even started to *gasp* read a book that didn't have anything to do with business building or personal improvement or creativity.

I just was for a while. Spent some time just being, not doing. Just being.

And that was okay. In fact, it was better than okay: it was perfect.

However, from where I sit now, I realize that I spent so much time being that I didn't have a chance to get my end-of-2011, pre-2012 doing done. Which leaves me feeling behind. Which is a not so good way to feel on the third day of the bestyearever.

So here's what I'm thinking 2012: how about I take this week to get my "doing" done. I'll clean out my studio, get the house straightened, set up some new systems for this new year, and get my stuff tight and ready to go. Ready to be talked about.

THEN we can really kick things off next week...just a few days late is better than never or half-assed right?


Ah, 2012, you really are going to be the best year ever. I can feel it in my bones. Thanks for your understanding. It really means a lot.

With love and light and magical sparkles,