an open letter to our new Prez

Dear President Obama,

We're ready: bring it! Already, you have given so many of us the gift of hope. You have made people look at our great nation differently. It IS a great nation, and you have reminded us of that. You will be the leader that we have been begging for; you will bring about an incredible change for all of the people of America. You will make the rest of the world look at us differently; you will put us back into a position deserving of respect.


I trust this more than I have ever trusted anything in my life. I trust that you are the change that will be magic for us, for all of us, even the people that didn't vote for you, that aren't ecstatic about your presidency. You'll prove them wrong, I'm sure of it.

I'm sending you all the strength I have in myself and giving all of my trust in you over to the universe. Good things are on the way.

xoxo, Fanny

Photo credit: art_es_nana