and then I turned 30!

That's right: this blog is now coming to you from the wise mind of a 30 year-old. Woot!

My 30th birthday weekend was perhaps the best ever! Here's a recap:

Tim woke me up on the big day with a delicious cup of coffee and then proceeded to make a super delicious crepe-tacular breakfast.


Then we went sailing! On a boat!


We had an awesome dinner that night with friends and my birthday twin, Meredith. For those of you who don't have a birthday twin, I'd strongly suggest you go find one. They're awesome!

The next night we did a super fun family dinner at my mom's. Both my aunts had come to town for the occasion, so it was wonderful to be able to celebrate with so many of my great family members.

THEN, guess who showed up!?! My bff, Laura, that's who! My awesome mom flew her out from the East coast to surprise me. So amazing! Here we are at the airport.

Such happy girls, huh?

At that point, all the focus was on the superhero-themed birthday/Halloween party that my amazing friends were throwing.

Backstory: I think that everyone should have an inner superhero. Mine is Fanny Fantastic. Her superpower is that she removes negative energy from the Universe and her weapon of choice is a gun that shoots bubbles. 

And the party rocked! I think it was the best party I'd ever been to. The best!

Angry Grrrl, Captain Tim, and Fanny Fantastic

close-up of the cape!

Mighty Mere (my birthday twin!) and Fanny Fantastic!


I really could not have imagined a better birthday weekend and am so grateful that I got to spend my time with so many wonderful, amazing people. Y'all blew my mind!

And, a question for you, readers: What's your inner superhero? Everyone should have one!