Ep. 174: Andrea Owen on Making Change (and Finding your Way to Happiness)

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To kick off the new year, I'm thrilled to be talking with coach and writer Andrea Owen about her new book How to Stop Feeling Like Sh*t: 14 Habits that are Holding You Back from Happiness and the ways we can all start showing up in our lives differently. 

In this conversation, Andrea and I talk about how you know when you need to make a change, the behaviors that we engage in that we *think* are protecting us, and the reality of embracing change in your life. (Spoiler alert: it ain't easy. It's an ongoing process. It's always worth it.)

We also talk about how you can take your first steps towards changing habits and what to keep in mind if your life isn't currently feeling super kick-ass and what to do when challenges come up. 

I've known Andrea for years and am such a fan of her work. I think you'll get so much from this conversation! 

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