Anne Sage on Balance

This week on Raise Your Hand Say Yes I got to sit down with writer Anne Sage to talk about everything associated with balancing your online life with your personal life. We talk about when what you share is too much, how to navigate sometimes painful changes while being a "public" figure, what story social media and the internet is telling, and learning how to make the kind choice for yourself.

This episode was chock full of nuggets - I filled over four pages with notes! (Get your Cheat Sheet here!) If you're someone who struggles with being kind and gentle with yourself or is Type A or has made mistakes or are still trying to figure out what kind of story to tell online, this episode is for you. Even if you aren't one of those people, this episode is for you. Listen. It's so good.

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Anne's Book, Sage Living: Decorate for the Life you Want

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