any day now. (a baby update)

any-day-option-3 Hello from BabyWatch HQ!

I am currently 37 weeks and 3 days along in this pregnancy, and we have officially entered "any day now" territory. Which essentially means that I'm spending most of my days laying on the couch bingeing on The Good Wife (OMG love it!) and eating a lot of macaroni and cheese.

50% of all twins are born before the 37 week mark, so I'm feeling good that we've made it this far. I'm also incredibly grateful to have had such a straight-forward and complication-free pregnancy and am hoping that continues through my delivery and recovery. (Good thoughts are very VERY appreciated!)

I'll definitely post an update once the little beans are on the outside, but otherwise, things will be a little quiet around here for a few weeks. I do have a few things simmering (HINT: a new website! Coming next month!), so you won't have to wait too long for some goodness!

In the meantime, if you want to stay inspired and in touch, my Good Morning Glitterbomb emails are set to run throughout the duration of my maternity leave, and you can follow me on instagram to see the ins and outs of my learning about this thing called motherhood.

Thank you ALL for your support throughout my pregnancy and for all of your kind words and excitement about this new chapter!! I cannot wait to meet these babies!

PS. Any guesses on genders? Now's the time to make those bets! Winners get bragging rights and copious high fives!

**photo by me; graphic by Erin Cassidy for Tiffany Han Coaching