are you stuck in stuckness?

Do you guys know Monica from Morning Do? She's pretty adorable, so if you haven't yet made her internet acquaintance, you really should!

I met Monica in December where she found me through reverb 10, but the wouldn't you know it, this world is small and we have about 100 people in common and are totally in love. Did you know she is taking French? And that she's met Kate Winslet? Of course I'm smitten...

Anyhoozy, Monica emailed me the other day to let me know about an awesome workshop she's holding in New York next month called The Get Unstuck Workshop -- how fun does this sound? It's all about Inspired Living...and y'all know i'm all about some inspired living!

Here's what you'll get:

  • 3 Hour Group session with fellow creatives
  • Topics include the 7 Reasons why we get stuck, The 7 ways we can get UNSTUCK, where to go from here
  • Tips & Resources for Moving Forward
  • Funtastic (yep that’s now a word) exercises for unlocking creativity
  • The Get Unstuck Diet: Foods that heal
  • Brainstorm Bonanza: Unleash the beast

I want to go! But alas, I'm stuck here in California (where really, life ain't so bad), so I only get to know Monica through the internets...for now at least...(insert diabolical laugh here) BUT for those of you that could possibly attend this, go go go!

And then report back pretty please on how much fun you have and how adorable Monica is in person, ok? Wanna see? Here's a video!

Right? Adorable!