attention all passengers

Whatever happened to the glamour of travel? Gone are the days of sharp-dressed men and women with an air of importance. Now everyone looks tired, broke-down, and completely over it. People don't make an effort anymore while traveling, and, as a result, airports have become tired places. There are even signs now at all Atlanta airport escalators warning people not to get their Crocs stuck in the moving stairway, and the loudspeaker announces the dangers of "shoe entrapment."


Now people rush to the fast food restaurant nearest their gate before boarding their flight so that they will be able to eat something, so they don't have to arrive at their destaination with an empty stomach and low blood sugar.  Now stewardesses, ahem, flight attendants solicit gossip magazines from their passengers at the end of the flight. When I was young, flight attendants were untouchable; they belonged to a sophisticated, chic class of their own.  Perhaps the airlines are treating them just as bad as they've been treating passengers lately?

On a happier note, my holiday in Hilton Head was wonderful, relaxing, and easy: everything a vacation should be! Thanks to Mom, Ron, and Judy for making such a trip possible! And for being so fun! And, it was so fantastic to get to spend a couple of days with Laura. Sometimes, it's so hard living so far away from people you love so much.

Tim picked me up at the airport and was waiting for me at the terminal with these:


It is a wonderful feeling to come off a long flight and be greeted by the handsome man you love and beautiful flowers!