Avetts on Grammy's!

Did y'all see the Grammy's on Sunday?


I was just *a little* excited about that.

For those of you who missed it, here's the goodness. Avetts are on around 2:40:

Mumford & Sons kinda killed it too. I used to just think that they wanted to be The Avett Brothers (cause, um, really...who doesn't?) but not I've decided there's enough room in this magical, musical world for them both.

I was so excited and proud of them when I watched this that I nearly started crying.

And did you guys see Cee-Lo, Gwyneth, and the muppets? Needless to say, this performance made me smile...a lot!

I've sort of re-fallen in loved with Gwyneth and her modern-day bad-girl Sandy look. Her feather earrings? Awesome. And Cee-Lo just makes me happy inside.

Other random thoughts from the evening:

  • I think Norah Jones and I have the same haircut. I like this.

  • I don't trust John Mayer. 
  • I think Eminem needs lots of hugs. 
  • Did you see Bruno Mars? He kind of killed it too!
  • I'm also a little smitten with Katy Perry these days. Not only is she married to my pretend bf, but she just seems like a lot of fun. I seem to like those people who don't take themselves too seriously!

Did you guys watch? I really tuned in for my boys but ended up really enjoying the entire show! Thoughts? Faves? Un-faves?