the babies are here! (spoiler alert: two girls!)

ohbaby_550 The babies are here!!

I've been meaning to write this post for weeks now, and the only excuse I can offer is: twins. twins_1

On Valentine's Day, Tim and I were thrilled to welcome Eleanor Leia (7lb, 11oz; 21 inches) and Abigail Soah (7lb, 3oz; 20 inches) into this world.

Things have been nutso around our house, but we are thrilled and have settled into a lovely routine. Tim is going back to work in a couple of weeks, so this beautiful routine will get tossed upside down very soon. He has been absolutely amazing, and I cannot imagine the last few weeks without such a supportive partner (and incredible dad!!).

twins2 twins3 twins4


We are completely in love with these two little beans! I'm slowly coming out of the home with newborns fog and settling into this new normal.

I'm also hoping to write my birth story (it was a doozy!) and some thoughts on motherhood soon. There might be a new personal blog in the works...since I don't have enough to think about! HA!


Thank you to all of you for your good thoughts and love and celebrations. These girls have been welcomed into this world with wide open arms, and I'm grateful to the village we have surrounding us as we step into parenthood.

More soon...I can't stop taking pictures of the cuteness!

PS. Last week I launched my new website too! If you're reading this on RSS or via email, check out my other baby!

**footprints by the babes; graphic by Erin Cassidy for Tiffany Han Coaching