baby steps...

I quit my gym.

{This always makes me think of the Friends episode where Chandler and Ross try to quit their gym, and Chandler keeps saying, "I want to quit the gym."}

This, my friends, is one of my first steps on my path. It's a baby step, but a step nonetheless. My gym is right down the road from the day job. I won't keep my membership once I leave the job and my place in the city. So quitting the gym was a fairly definitive step. Nevermind that I haven't been in at least two months! They didn't lay on the hard sell like I thought they might. Just, "sign here" and then I was on my way. I was almost hoping I'd get to do my best Chandler impression -- "I want to quit the gym!"

I'm also not feeling very well right now. I talked with the advice nurse over the phone today and she let me know that maybe I'm not taking very good care of myself. Um, you think? I almost laughed!

But, I do feel like things are changing. Energy is shifting. And things are going to start coming together. On Saturday, I head to Cozumel for New Year's with the family. A week of relaxing and sleeping and laughing and just being. I can't wait!  And, don't worry, we'll have wi-fi, so I can blog poolside!