back in action

 Hello friends! I'm back!

Whoo hoo!!!

{Should we just pause for a moment to celebrate my return to the internets?}

Can we also just take a moment to high five all of my awesome guest posters while I was gone? It was so good to know that the blog was in good hands!

Ahhh, Belize was amazing and lovely and beautiful and was just what I needed. I came home feeling like I had an opportunity to make a fresh start and really change the way I make choices for myself in what I do. It probably helped that I came home and immediately went to three days of coach training where all we talked about was how we make choices for ourselves. Oh, and how those choices can lead to radical life transformation.

More on that later this week...I'm such a tease, huh?

For now, I thought I'd leave you with some pics from our trip, enjoy!

I have a few more, but Squarespace is being a little glitchy this morning, so I'll post a round 2 later! YAY double the posts, double the fun!

And, before I sign off, I'd like to ask, how are YOU my friends? Any new fun things you want to share?

Happy Monday!