becoming unstuck

It seems that these days, metaphor is all around me. The other day, I even said to myself, "Life is like a box of chocolate." Seriously? Forrest Gump, y'all. (And, yes, I know that statement is in fact a simile, thankyouverymuch Mr. Joey Hill-AP-English-Teacher-Extraordinaire)

Yesterday Maggie spent the day at the vet getting spayed (she's recovering quite well btw) and I happened to have to day off. An unexpected day off + an empty house with no puppy = time for me to get to work on my new favorite thing: painting. 

About 30 minutes into my work, I realized that the lid to my gel medium was stuck. Like for reals stuck. I tried and tried to open it and nothing I did worked. Hot water didn't work. Grippy lid-remover things didn't work. Nothing y'all. Not even my super-human upper body strength.

I thought about giving up. I thought about stopping. Perhaps this was a sign that it wasn't meant to be? Yes, I thought about quitting. For about a second. But I was so intent on making my patchwork giraffe that I refused to not keep going. So I picked up the container one more time and gave it all I had.

It's as if I don't know my strength, because the jar slipped out of my hands, fell on the floor, the lid fell off, and gel medium (which is a paste-type substance) splattered everywhere.


Oy. So, naturally, the first thing I did was grab my camera so I could blog about it. You're welcome. And then I started to think about becoming unstuck. How I did whatever it took to get past the stuckness. How I tried everything I could to become unstuck and then it just happened. In a way I never expected. In a way I never would have anticipated. In a way that could have just made things worse, could have ruined my good mood. But I kept going, laughed and cleaned up, and knew that I had gotten some insight into becoming unstuck. For myself.

This is a big step, my friends, a really big step. 

And the giraffe is absolutely adorable. Pics soon!