behold this.

Um, hi Anthro.

Have you missed me? It's been a while, huh?

Well...I've been busy. And now that I don't work next door, I have to make a little bit more effort to visit. But I think a little distance is a good thing.

Can I say something that might be a little difficult for you to hear? I know you can take it, but it's just a little hard to say.

Here goes: I'm mad at you.

Not that this is a deal-breaker, but your new wedding line? BHLDN*? Um, really?

I'm already a little wedding obsessed, and then you throw this at me? And you have your little quiz where my results show that I'm a "lady with a twist" who most likely needs romatic skivvies with polka dots and bright yellow shoes and a ring that says "oui"?

Honestly, I feel a little manipulated and would like you to cut it out. Get out of my head, please.

But, then you go and show me these? Seriously. Shut the eff up. I really can't take it.

And along those lines -- all of these giraffe things you've been featuring in your store? Really?

Stop. it. please.

I just need a little break, that's all. You know I'll always love you.



crfty fnny

PS. Ok, you're right. I DO need that giraffe apron. But that's all you get. For now.

*Apparently the new trend is that people are reading so quickly that vowels are redundant. Thgts?