blessing the unsubscribes

Blessing the Unsubscribes via Tiffany Han, Business & Branding Coach

It’s a familiar tale - you launch your business, start growing your e-mail list (thanks mailchimp!) and you are happily going about your business until the dreaded thing happens: you send out a newsletter (a really, really good one!) and your inbox fills with unsubscribe notices. 

Bah! you think. I must have done something wrong. So you make your emails more bland or you stop sending them altogether, hovering in fear of the unsubscribes. 

What if - instead - you blessed the unsubscribes and sent them on their way? What if you kept sending those emails, without watering down what you really want to say for fear of making someone leave?

Case study: the more me my emails are, the more unsubscribes I get. The more powerful the language, the more divisive it is. The emails that I get tons of responses from, my inbox filling up with “How did you know this was exactly what I needed to hear?” are also the ones the get the most unsubscribes. 

Because that’s what happens when you have a strong voice for your brand. Peopleknow what you stand for. They get you. And they can easily tell if you're the right person for them. 

I used to hate sending out newsletters because I never thought I had anything to say, so I only sent them when I was selling something. Spoiler alert: Don't do this. Contribute something valuable with every message you send, whether you're selling or not. Give people a reason to read your email.  

Not sure what to say? Take 15 minutes to write without stopping your hands. Just write. Answer the question “What do you really want to say?”

Tackle the biggest misconceptions people have about you and your industry. What do you wish they knew?

What do you want someone to know or do before they hire you?

What would you say in a secret love letter to your clients?

Start here and let the words flow. Write your truth, but then be willing to bless the unsubscribes that come in once you've hit send.

Rather than tell me that I'm doing something wrong, my unsubscribes let me know I'm doing something right. 

I only want to work with people who want me in their inbox. By signing on to work with me, you get a whole lot of ME, and if you’re turned off by my emails, you’re going to be turned off by my personality too. Which is fine. Because I know that I’m not the business coach for everyone. 

I know that I’m not the business coach for someone who is looking for a suit-wearing, synergysticly-speaking consultant type. 

I know I’m not the business coach for someone who isn’t willing to be called out onthose things that have been holding her back in her business - and her life! - for way too long. 

I know I’m not the business coach for someone who is turned off by strategy or discussion of revenue streams and only wants to talk about the feelings of it all and why it’s so hard and can’t someone just do it for me. 

I know I’m not the business coach for someone who doesn’t have the energy or the enthusiasm to get scrappy and do the work. 

I know that if one of those people sign up for my newsletter list, they will not stay on very long. Not because I’m bad at what I do or they’re a bad person, but because I am not the right coach for them

Which is fine. Because I can’t be the right coach for everyone. That’s not how this works. 

I don’t want to be a burden on anyone’s inbox. I don’t want them to roll their eyes when they see my name come in and think, ugh. what does she want? instead, I want them to get excited to read what I have to say, to be giddy about it. 

And so I bless the unsubscribes that come in and move on with my life. And I want you to do the same.

Don't run from them. Embrace them as a sign you are taking a stand for something you believe in. Because that's the first step in finding YOUR right people. The people who will get excited when they see your name in their inbox. The people who will gladly listen to what you have to tell them, who will buy your artwork or your e-course or listen to your podcast.

Those are the people for you to focus on. And they're ready - and waiting - for y-o-u.

Let's go. 

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**graphic by Erin Cassidy for Tiffany Han Coaching