bold new you.

My current energy level is pretty high/amazing. Not physically, but emotionally. My sleeping has been off lately, so I'm actually operating at a pretty tired level at all times. But, emotionally, I feel so energized, I can hardly contain it. It's difficult to describe, but I feel like I'm ready to burst with excitement and anticipation of what's next.

I think my horoscope for today summed it up pretty well:

You continue to think differently and try new adventures that might
have seemed off limits in the past.

The difference now is that you
permit yourself to try atypical things - everything from food to
friends to potential career ideas. You could hold back, but then you'd
miss out.

You're more willing to experiment, even if it means taking a
few pratfalls along the way. Although you're not the pratfall type, you
are ready for a change - so ready that you're willing to take risks
with your image and self-determined persona.

This bold new you is