bonjour from Provence!

Bonjour mes amis!

Tim and I are currently in Arles, a lovely small town in Provence on the Rhone River. Today we did a Van Gogh walking tour and followed his footsteps to the sights that inspired him. It's a pretty amazing thing to be looking at the actual sites that were the basis for his paintings!

We arrived in Nice a few days ago and had a fantastic time on the Riviera. Everything was amazing -- the sights, the gnocchi, the museums. And, oh! the markets! Mon dieu!

Here are some photos of our first few days in France...

Here we are on our first of three flights, from SFO to Newark.  Notice the new bangs? I'm loving them!

First cocktail

Our first drinks in Nice.  I thought I had ordered white wine, but this was good too. We thought the popcorn was a nice touch!

One of the reasons that I love France so much is that there are so many beautiful, wonderful things all around.  Like these:





If you look really hard at this shot, you can see the snow-capped Alps in the background!

And then there are the markets. {Swoon} Everything is so beautiful!



Tim's new bff


Finally, we stopped yesterday at a rest area on our way from Nice to Arles, and even those are beautiful! You have to give the French credit for selling Nutella & Go at their rest stops. That sure beats Doritos and a Mountain Dew any day!



Finally, here we are in front of our hotel in Nice.

Nice Hotel

A bientot mes amis! I'll post more updates and pics soon!