bring Petunia home!

Happy Monday, friends!

I was traveling all last week in North Carolina and was away from the internets. Can we talk for a minute about how awesome it is that typepad let's you schedule posts in advance? Really awesome, I say!

Anyhoozy, between the travel excitement, readjusting to West coast time, and filming my first video with the Spring ladies (it's up tomorrow! Very exciting!), I neglected to tell y'all about a giveaway of one of my prints!

{Don't you worry, there's still time!}

Michelle Ward, my life coach extraordinaire, is offering a ginormous giveaway featuring 5 different prize sets, and my Petunia is included. Isn't she lovely? (Michelle, not Petunia...although, yes, I think Petunia is quite lovely too.)



The drawing is tomorrow, folks, so be sure to click on over to Michelle's blog and leave a comment to be entered. I'd be tickled if one of you won it! For realsie.