Ep. 263: Brooke Monaghan on Starting without Hustle and Biz Development via Spiritual Growth

Raise Your Hand Say Yes with Tiffany Han

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We often hear advice, in hindsight, from people who've been living their dreams. But what about people who are just starting out? Is it possible to move towards your goals in a sane way in the beginning of an endeavor?

This week, I'm talking with fresh-out-of-her-day-job systems coach Brooke Monaghan about just that. You'll hear about why Brooke ran away from her dreams for 15 years (!), what her turning point was, the counterintuitive thing she did to prepare to go full time, and what happened when she was finally free of that day job!

You'll also hear about Brooke's experience in my RYHSY Inner Circle and why what she most needed to learn was what she was least expecting. I loved our conversation SO MUCH!! Enjoy, enjoy!! 

Raise Your Hand Say Yes with Tiffany Han