carnelian and citrine

Keeps coming back to carnelian

One thing I'm working on is to pay attention to those ideas that keep coming into my head. Focus on the toughts I keep pushing aside to do the more practical thing and to stay on the path which is expected for me. 

As part of my do-philospophy, I'm trying to turn my good intnentions into action. And, do those things that I always think will be a good idea, but never follow through on.

This takes confidence, however. Confidence in myself and the trust in my own intuition. And, so I'm turning to help for this.

I originally saw this necklace in a catalog and was sturck by how

Carnelian, known for its deep luster, is believed to possess the
energetic vibration of joy and self-worth. Wear this handcrafted
necklace to bring yourself the confidence to create what you want.

I love that description. It is so inspiring to me. But, I didn't actually purchase the necklace. I just thought about it -- but the thought stayed with me.  And, this month, my horoscope listed Carnelian as my touchstone. And, my thoughts returned to this necklace and the inspiration I found in the description of the stone. I do believe that if I have the intention of wearing carnelian to inspire confidence in myself, wearing carnelian will help inspire confidence.

I actually decided to get earrings that were made of both carnelian and citrine.  Citrine is said to citrine enhances mental clarity, confidence,
              and will power while also relieving self-doubt.  These will be my own-it earrings and I will wear them with intention. I'll let you know how it goes...