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Wednesday's inspiration: doing what works.

Here's a question for my creative peeps out there: how much pressure do you feel to always be doing something fresh and different?

My answer: all the time. I feel a ton of pressure (all self-inflicted btw) to always be doing something new.

Especially in my painting. Especially since I haven't been making art for very long. Especially since I'm still working on finding my style and building confidence in my work.

Every time I sit down in front of a blank canvas, I think "Ok. That last painting turned out well. Now what am I going to make this time?" And man, the pressure!

But recently I realized this: I don't have to do something different every time. In fact, tons of artists find something that works and do the same thing over and over again. And it's ok. In fact, it's more than okay. It's good, great even!

So I've decided I'm doing what works. And here's the result of my decision:

Turquoise_heart_etsy A Weathered Heart: Original & Print

And can I tell you how proud of myself I am for coming up with that decision? Because, you guys. I LOVE this painting. LOVE. It's just so pretty!

And it works.

And I'm gonna make some more nearly-just-like it.

Because I can.

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wednesday's inspiration: my passions

Ah, passion week is fun, isn't it?

I suppose you could say I have a passion for passion. HA!

Fanny_avett bros

I thought that it would be fun today if we all did a public declaration of our passions, however silly you might think them to be. Don't worry, I'll go first!

My Passions, in no particular order:

  • The Avett Brothers!
  • Anthropologie!
  • Tim!
  • Maggie!
  • France!
  • Anything French!
  • Musical Theatre!
  • Food! 
  • Spring!
  • Cards!
  • Art!
  • My Family!
  • Pilates!
  • Reading!
  • Writing!
  • My Friends!
  • Laughing! 
  • Champagne!
  • Having Fun!
  • Pretty Things!

This list shouldn't really be surprising at all to those of you who regularly read this or know me in real life. These are the things that you could say I live for. The things that keep me going, that make life fun! (Hence the excessive use of exclamation points!)!!!

My challenge to you: What things are you passionate about? What are those things in your life that make you feel most alive? That make living fun? I would love to hear all about this in the comments OR if you're so carried away by the passion, go ahead and write about it on your blog and leave a comment with the link so we can all check it out!

And, if your list is short, that's okay too. Michelle says I'm a Renaissance Soul. I'm okay with that! Oh! And I'm also going to be giving some tips tomorrow on how to find some of your passions, so if you're stumped, be sure to check back then!

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