Ep. 203: On Becoming a Morning Person, aka How to Change a Habit (and Change your Life)

Wondering how to become a morning person? Want to change a habit that might change your life? Becoming a morning person isn’t for everyone, but click through if you’re looking for habit change tips that can help you break or build any habit you want!

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How does one become a morning person? Is that even possible? Can you slowly and gradually shift a habit or do you have to go all in? Is it possible to actually change something about yourself that you've believed to be true your whole life?

How do you know when a change is necessary or when it's antithesis to the person you really are? And, then, if you are ready to try out the change, where do you even start?

These are just a few of the questions that come up around habit change and this week, I'm diving into my own shift in my habit around waking up in the morning. Yes, hand raisers, you heard that right: I am (on purpose!) waking up every morning at 6 am (begrudgingly) and am working on becoming a morning person. 

Listen in to find out how I'm approaching it, how it's going, and what my journey has to do with those life and creative habits that you're ready to shift. Because you know this is about so much more than what time your alarm goes off in the morning! 

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