Ep. 105: Christine Herrin on Living the Dream

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Christine Herrin is a graphic designer, hand letterer, product designer, modern-day memory keeper, and everyday explorer. She's also currently one of Adobe's Creative Residents - which means that she's spending the year exploring and documenting her creative projects. 

This week on Raise Your Hand Say Yes, we talk about the truth behind living the dream, the mindset shifts Christine is continuously making in her creative business, the questions she's learned to ask about all her projects, and what it means to create for someone's box of excellence. 

We also talk about self-doubt, making bold moves (despite fear!) and the power of figuring things out as you go! 

PS. You also heard us talk about 100 Rejection Letters which is opening soon! Get on the preview list here.

Thank you Christine! You know I adore you - this episode was such fun and so enlightening!

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