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Tiffany Han and Crazyfaith

And, welcome to the podcast episode where I quote myself. This week, I did something a little bit different and did a solo show. What started out as a short guide to finding your own way to Raise your hand and say yes quickly became my stance on life (enter: the Crazyfaith) and my musings on the movement I'm trying to create with my work and this show.

I'm feeling a wee bit vulnerable posting and sharing this now, but, in the spirit of leaning in to my own discomfort, here goes.

I'd love to hear what you think! I would like to do more of these solo shows (don't worry! I'm not going to give up the interviews!), so if what I had to say resonated, please let me know!

PS. As I mentioned towards the end of the episode, the Raise your Hand Say Yes book club is coming! We’re starting with The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. Get your copy now and give it a read – the episode where we discuss it will air on March 4 and we'll also be doing a twitter chat following the episode.

PPS. The other thing that I mentioned was the Q&A episode that I'm going to be hosting with my favorite friend Michelle Ward on March 11. If you have any questions for us about life or business or passion or entrepreneurship or early motherhood or our shiny hair, send them over!

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Show Notes:

Sliding Doors - the movie (watch it! so good!)