on creative commitments...and my new 365 project

on creative commitment

I once heard about an experiment that was done on two groups of high school students in art class.

The first group was told at the beginning of the semester that they were going to learn how to make pottery. But the only thing they'd be graded on was quantity. The students would be graded solely on how much clay they used during the semester, regardless of quality.

The second group was told that their goal was to create the perfect bowl. They would only submit one piece at the end of the semester and their entire grade would be based on that.

Can you guess which group had the higher quality pieces by the end of the semester? Right. The quantity group.

Malcolm Gladwell talks about how it takes 10,000 hours to master something. We always hear about the beginners' mindset.

Yet, as adults, we all want to be good at things straight out of the gate. In school, we're trained that knowing the right answer is what gets you the good grade, so we stop learning how to learn. We stop letting ourselves work through the process of not knowing. We don't spend time learning process. We just want to fast forward to the end. 

I have always felt a pull toward drawing and making art. I used to have an etsy shop where I sold prints of my paintings. I ran an art studio and workshop space so that I could take any classes I wanted. I love the idea of making funny, sweet, simple art.

But. I don't think I'm any good at it.

I've also always admired people who commit to year-long creative endeavors but I knew I had to do something so very simple given everything I have going on.

So, welcome to my new #positdaily experiment. My goal: to make a piece of post-it art every day for a yea that I'll post on instagram daily (if you want to follow along). 

This makes me nervous but I love public declarations because they keep me from chickening out on myself. I love the idea of making art that's easy and quick and loose. Of not being able to overthink because you're going to have to make something again tomorrow too, Tiffany!

And I love the idea of really seeing if I can do it. Will I be a brilliant and prolific post-it artist by the end of this experiment? Maybe. But regardless, I'll have 365 sweet little pieces of art that mean something to me.

How about you? Any year-long challenges you want to undertake? You know I'm a fan.

PS. Happy 2015! There are a few Sparkle & Shine calendars left!

PPS. There are still a few hours left to enter the word of the year giveaway.

**graphic by Erin Cassidy for Tiffany Han Coaching