daily inspirations

Last week, before I left for Colorado, I had a consultation with a life coach. It was a 30-minute session with a Coach who is working on getting her certification. How fun!

One of the things that we talked about was how I have some grand schemes in mind of what I want to do with my life but that I'm having a hard time focusing on specifics and seeing exactly how to pull all of my big ideas together. Et, voila! Enter Life Coach.

One of the big things that she wants me to do is to keep an inspiration journal while I'm traveling. Not a regular journal, this is a small journal that I carry around with me always to write down any and every thing that inspires me. She also advised me to keep track of my visions for my life: where do I see myself, what do I see myself doing? Hopefully after the end of my travels in a couple of months, I'll be able to look back over everything I've written and have a pretty clear indication of what direction I'm going in.

The daily inspirations piece has been a really interesting exercise. Are there things that inspire you daily? Things that you encounter in your everyday life that make you see things in a different light?

Here are some of the things that have been inspiring me lately:

People smiling. I flew out of Oakland on Wednesday and it seemed like everyone at the airport was happy and smiling. People made eye contact, said good morning, and generally seemed to be in very high spirits. As someone who things that people aren't nice enough to each other in general, I found this to be very inspiring.

Gennifer Goodwin's wardrobe in He's Just Not That Into You. I saw this movie the other night. It was cute, but the highlight for me was Gennifer Goodwin's clothes. Adorable! I am having a hard time finding any good photos, so take my word for it!

Polka Dots. Is there anyone in the world not inspired by polka dots?

Cinema Paradiso. Tim and I watched this last night. It was so wonderful, so sweet. I loved how Alfredo told Salvatore: "Whatever you end up doing, love it."


This inspiration thing is pretty fun. Has anything inspired you lately?