Ep. 100: Dallas Clayton on Creative Freedom

Aaaaaaannnnd welcome to Season 3 of Raise Your Hand Say Yes! I am thrilled to be kicking this season off with my 100th episode (!!) featuring the always-inspiring Dallas Clayton. (An aside: WHAT?! 100 episodes in and I'm getting to talk to my creative heroes? How cool is this gig?)

I've had Dallas on my interviewee-dream-list since the podcast launched and our conversation did not disappoint! We talked about what to do with political differences, how to have new experiences (even if you can't travel all the time), what to do about nerves, and even how to turn twitter into something you (gasp!) might love! 

You'll also hear what happened when his phone died in the middle of the Wisconsin woods in the dead of winter, how he found himself painting an abandoned crane on a Utah mountain-side, and the challenge that *might* make him nervous. 

Enjoy, and if you haven't yet, come hang out with us in the RYHSY facebook group! Get your episode cheat sheet and fb group invitation here

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