Danielle Krysa on the Inner Critic

Danielle Krysa of the Jealous Curator on the Raise Your Hand Say Yes podcast with Tiffany Han

I loved hearing Danielle Krysa's keynote this summer at ALT Summit where she talked about the oh-so-loud voice of the inner-critic and I knew that she had to be on Raise Your Hand Say Yes! In case you're wondering, the conversation did not disappoint. We talked about the day Danielle's inner critic was born and how she eventually learned how to get past it.

We also talked jealousy and when it can be a good thing and what Danielle's learned about getting unstuck creatively. If you're someone who has ever been in a creative rut or wants to make great work but isn't sure how to start, this episode will be full of lightbulb moments for you! (Spoiler alert: It's all about priorities! Make some!)

Danielle, you are the sweetest AND the smartest. Thank you for bringing that winning combo to the podcast! 

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Creative Block: Get Unstuck, Discover New Ideas. Advice & Projects from 50 Successful Artists

Collage: Contemporary Artists Hunt and Gather, Cut and Paste, Mash Up and Transform

The War of Art

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